Waiver Program

Scene Clean accepts participants on the State of Minnesota waiver programs such as:

  • CADI
  • Brain Injury
  • Disability
  • Elderly
  • AC

Services we provide under the waiver program fall under chore services including;

  1. Hoarding and/or gross filth clean out and sanitizing
  2. Biohazard removal
  3. Pest control services such as bedbugs, fleas and vermin
  4. We have provided services outside of these on a case by case basis, please call to discuss. 612-643-0911 Ext. 35.

Please note we do not typically do “detailed” or “deep” cleaning services as a stand alone service. 


All waiver participant registrations must be done on this secure website by clicking the “Register New Client” button below, we no longer accept referrals by fax or email. Please bookmark this page as you will be required to come back and enter the Service Agreement information upon approval.

Detailed instructions are noted during the registration process, but here is a brief outline; 

  1. Register the client by clicking on the red button below. 
  2. Await acceptance email from Scene Clean assigning job ID. Please use this ID in all communication with us.
  3.  Obtain approval for the assessment, units needed depend on the tier of the client, return to enter that information below by clicking on the blue button(You DO NOT need to wait for completion of step 2 to complete this step)
  4. Assessment will be scheduled and completed. Assessments will be automatically emailed to the case manger upon completion. The total units being requested by Scene Clean will be located on the assessment. 
  5. Obtain approval for the services based off of the assessment and return here to enter the SA number for the services to be completed.

Entry of the SA numbers into the SA Input form will automatically trigger Scene Clean to begin scheduling for either the assessment or the service within 48 business hours. 

Scene Clean NPI#1265842785