Waiver Program

A Message From our President to Case Managers

 Hello case managers,

I hope you are all safe and well. I am finding myself in a unfortunate position to have to place this notice on our website but after the past few weeks I find it a very necessary message I need to get out to case managers based off a handful of case managers causing issues.

First, let me start off by thanking most of you for your professionalism during this very challenging time for society as a whole. Unfortunately, there is also a concerning number of case managers who are clearly frustrated with the pandemic but have taken out their frustrations in communications with us at Scene Clean. The following message is for those case managers.

We at Scene Clean are doing all we can to get through this massive increase in case load. I’m sorry that you are not allowed to go into homes and actually see you clients but don’t take that frustration out on us. We are here to help and I do not appreciate the attitudes coming from a select few case managers. Let me remind you while you have been locked in your home and not personally visiting your clients our company has not. We have been on the front lines since the start of this pandemic. We have seen an increase in our main work, which is bio-recovery, from crime scenes, suicides, and homicides. We have taken huge risks cleaning COVID exposures in buildings. All while seeing the highest level of waiver clients we have ever seen.

Not only have we seen more waiver clients than ever before, but because these clients have had services cut off and more or less left to fend for themselves, this has increased the level of service we are expected to provide. I ask that you not take your frustrations out on our staff as we are doing all we can to physically and mentally stay afloat and frankly we are exhausted. One day last week, I personally received over 300 emails. You and your waiver client are not our only client! Its time to stop and think, act professional, and drop the attitudes.

Besides some poor attitudes toward our staff, I have seen a huge increase in questions during our process that are thoroughly explained during the process, please slow down and read the information in front of you. Most questions appear to be related to not reading the instructions provided.

For example:

  • Our NPI number is on this page down below this message. As well as our fax and chore services code number.
  • Your client’s registration is not a completion of step 2, they are two separate processes.
  • NO we don’t clean carpets, dust and mop floors except where noted below. We are a biohazard mitigation firm not a regular house cleaner.
  • We probably cannot get to your clients service completed in the next week as there are probably three people that have already called with the same issue as your client, please be patient. FYI most apartments or governmental agencies giving firm dates for action to clean are usually fine with giving an extension just knowing we have been contacted and will provides services as we can get to them. Just contacting us is a huge first step.

Again for the majority of case managers the message above does not apply but for the few that is does apply, it really needs to stop.

Nate Berg-President



Due to many clients services being delayed from COVID we have noticed a very large increase of cases that have gone above the normal service level we are used to seeing from waivers. The additional demand for our services during the pandemic has drastically delayed our normal service response, we ask for your patience while we work through this high demand.

Many assessments performed in December and January  were no longer gross filth but rather biohazards, if your client is in a similar situation please be aware biohazard costs are more expensive than what you may be used to seeing with past clients and services. Also, the extent of biohazard cleaning we are discovering, it may not be possible to be remediate as the structure itself is too damaged.

Case managers, you must inform your clients that they are required to wear a mask when our staff are working in their homes for the safety of all parties. If any client refuses to wear a mask our staff has been instructed to leave the jobsite and we will bill for the service regardless of completion status.  

Scene Clean accepts participants on the State of Minnesota waiver programs such as:

  • CADI

  • Brain Injury

  • Disability

  • Elderly

  • AC

Primary Services we provide under the waiver program fall under chore services, S5120 including;

  1. Hoarding and/or gross filth clean out and sanitizing
  2. Biohazard removal
  3. Pest control services such as bedbugs, fleas and vermin (sub-contracted)
  4. We have provided services outside of these on a case by case basis, please call to discuss. 612-643-0911 Ext. 35.

We DO NOT provide the following services:

  •  Carpet cleaning other than spot cleaning to remove biohazards.
  • “Detailed” home cleaning. Our focus is on removing biohazards and gross filth and sanitizing those areas. Bathrooms and kitchens are often the most affected with biohazards and gross filth. We are not set a regular cleaning agency and set up to wash windows, vacuum carpets, mop, and dust etc.  However, our goal on every job is to get the waiver client set up so homemaking can take over and do those more detailed services.
  • Packing and moving of clients belongings.  


Detailed instructions are noted during the registration process, but here is a brief outline as multiple steps, on this website, are required by the case manager to complete the process;

  • Step 1; Register the client below (RED BUTTON)
    • We will register the client and respond back via email with the JOB ID once accepted. Even if we have serviced the client previously, every service will need a new registration.
  • Step 2: Input SA Approval for the Assessment units (BLUE BUTTON)
    • Assessment will only be scheduled through the case manager once this step has been completed. The assessment is the “estimate” and only completed after step 1 has been completed by the case manager. 
  • Step 3: Input SA approval for units requested to perform the service (BLUE BUTTON)
    • Service will be scheduled through the case manager upon completion of this step.

Scene Clean’s NPI#1265842785    Chore Services S5120    Fax 612-294-6686

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