Waiver Program

Scene Clean accepts participants on the State of Minnesota waiver programs such as:

  • CADI
  • Brain Injury
  • Disability
  • Elderly
  • AC

Services we provide under the waiver program fall under chore services, S5120 including;

  1. Hoarding and/or gross filth clean out and sanitizing
  2. Biohazard removal
  3. Pest control services such as bedbugs, fleas and vermin (sub-contracted)
  4. We have provided services outside of these on a case by case basis, please call to discuss. 612-643-0911 Ext. 35.

We DO NOT provide the following services:

  •  Carpet cleaning other than spot cleaning to remove biohazards.
  • “Deep” or “detailed” cleaning. We are not a regular cleaning agency, our focus is on removing biohazards and gross filth and sanitizing those areas. 

Detailed instructions are noted during the registration process, but here is a brief outline as multiple steps are required by the case manager to complete the process;

  • Step 1; Register the client below (RED BUTTON)
    • We will register the client and respond back via email with the JOB ID once accepted.
  • Step 2: Input SA Approval for the Assessment units (BLUE BUTTON)
    • Assessment will only be scheduled through the case manager once this step has been completed. 
  • Step 3: Input SA approval for units requested to perform the service (GREEN BUTTON)
    • Service will be scheduled through the case manager upon completion of this step.

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