Step 2 - Assessment and Step 3 - Scheduling

COVID-19 Assessment and Service Interuptions

Updated 03/27/2020

In order to help prevent further spread of COVID-19 and keep our staff on the front lines to fight outbreaks we have decided to pause all assessments and services for waiver clients through the end of March. On March 25th Governor Walz issued an executive order to stay home except for essential services. 

Scene Clean is considered an essential service provider. Starting April 1st we will be open for case by case assessments and scheduling of waiver clients who are in need of our services and cannot wait for the executive order to expire. If you have any questions please call us at 612-643-0911 Ext 35. 

We are planing to resume all normal scheduling for assessments and services beginning April 13th. You may proceed below to schedule assessments online.  

If you have registered a client and received confirmation from us the client was registered and assigned a JOB ID please continue to fill out the step 2 (red button) below. We will reach out to case managers to schedule assessments in the order received once we begin to perform assessments again.

This also applies to waiver clients who have been assessed and they are ready for scheduling, step 3 (green button). Please fill out step 3 below and we will schedule in the order received once we begin to schedule services.



Has Scene Clean been onsite and provided a written assessment? The assessment is the second step in the waiver process. In order to determine the units needed to complete a job an on site assessment is required. 

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