Minnesota BioHazard Removal

Minnesota Biohazard Cleaning Services

We are your trusted source for biohazard cleanup throughout Minnesota. Scene Clean is a locally owned and operated company specializing in the removal, remediation, and cleaning of biohazardous material.

Our team of dedicated professionals offers years of experience in managing biohazard cleanup to ensure proper disposal and removal, promoting safety and sanitary practices along the way.

What Is Biohazard Remediation?

Biohazard remediation generally refers to a wide range of processes and protocols that extend beyond a standard cleaning. It refers to the comprehensive removal, cleaning, and disinfection of potentially harmful pathogens left behind after an accident, outbreak, or death.

Whether blood, semen, feces, urine or various secretions from humans or animals, these fluids can potentially contain dangerous pathogens. Handling areas affected by bio-hazardous fluids requires intensive training, specialized equipment, certification and licensing. The Scene Clean team has over a century of combined experience providing biohazard remediation throughout Minnesota to ensure safe cleaning and risk mitigation.

Why You Need a Professional Biohazard Cleanup Service

Put simply, OSHA describes biohazards as all bodily fluids or items contaminated by such fluids. Trusted biohazard cleaning services are essential to ensure the safety of residents, visitors, or inhabitants following an accident or death.

Bloodborne pathogens (BBP) are a serious concern wherever bodily fluids are exposed. The risk of potential viruses and bacteria puts people in danger of infection. These biohazards require a specialized cleaning and remediation process from trusted professionals like Scene Clean. We go above and beyond to safeguard affected environments, our customers, and our employees.

We rigorously follow OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standards, equipping our teams with the latest personal protective equipment and cutting-edge protocols to minimize exposure and return affected areas to their original state.

Why Work With Scene Clean?

We have over 100+ years of combined experience helping the public safety industry with dependable cleanup and remediation. We are Minnesota’s largest and most trusted biohazard cleaning experts, dedicated to the proper cleanup of blood and other bodily fluids.
Our crews specialize in biohazard cleaning and remediation for unattended death, trauma decontamination, accidents, and more. With Scene Clean, you get a team that is:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • ABRA Certified
  • EPA LEAD Paint certified
  • A holistic solution for remediation and restoration
  • Complete specialization in biohazards

Compassionate Biohazard Cleaning Crews

Our biohazard cleaning crews provide thorough and respectful cleanup, especially after a death or traumatic accident. Founded by paramedic Nate Berg, our company knows first-hand the challenges of biohazard cleanup. We go above and beyond to ensure compassionate cleanup following a traumatic event.

Families have enough to worry about during these challenging times. Our crews help manage the process through certified and licensed methods that restore environments to their original state, disinfecting and remediating areas for safe use in the future.

Affordable, Safe & Quick

Almost all of our biohazard cleaning services are covered by insurance. We understand that cleaning up after a death or traumatic event should be affordable. Scene Clean always provides the same great care and service with every event we undertake, bio-decontaminating properties and environments for safe future use.

Top-Rated & Local

We’re proud of our excellent teams. Our highly rated and recommended biohazard cleaning and remediation solutions are top-ranked throughout Minnesota.

All of our crews are ABRA and IIRC certified to ensure proper decontamination, abatement, and sanitation following a loss.

Post-Cleanup Restoration Solutions

What sets our solutions apart is our post-cleanup and restoration services following a biohazardous event. Scene Clean offers comprehensive aftercare programs following cleaning and biohazard remediation of a property. We’ll assist in fully restoring a home or property, real estate opportunities, and even quick liquidation. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Real Estate Services
  • Restoration Solutions
  • Distressed Sale Services

Contact Our Local Team for Biohazard Cleanup and Disinfecting

Biohazard remediation and cleaning are far more than a simple cleanup. We help ensure that harmful pathogens, blood, and bodily fluids are eradicated — reducing exposure and promoting safety.

Contact our specialists today and discover how Scene Clean can help. We’re by your side with compassionate, fast, and local biohazard cleaning services you can rely on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Hire a Local Company for a Biohazard Cleaning?
We are ready to respond 24/7. While many other local companies are either based out-of-state or outsource their services, we’re prepared when you need us most. As a local company and team, we’re able to ensure that all licensing, training, and certifications are compliant with Minnesota guidelines.
Do I Have a Choice for Who I Choose for Biohazard Cleaning When Filing an Insurance Claim?

Yes. Although most insurance companies have a “recommended providers” list, it’s crucial that you understand your rights. These insurance companies may pressure you into choosing a company from their list. We’re here to inform you that you do have a choice. Using a company you choose won’t affect your premiums or rates.

Why Can’t I Perform the Cleaning Myself?
Biohazard cleaning and remediation requires specialized cleaning agents, protocols, PPE, and skill sets. Bloodborne pathogens and other risk factors can lead to unwanted exposure and potential harm down the road. Both State and Federal oversee the entire biohazard cleaning industry to ensure safe practices and effective solutions.
How Long Does the Biohazard Cleaning and Remediation Process Take?
Every scene is different. Without seeing the extent of bio-hazardous materials on scene, there’s no way for us to answer that question effectively. There are several factors that may affect the cleaning time frame. These include, but are not limited to, location, floor type, interior vs. exterior, temperature, and the cause of accident or death.

A Review of Scene Clean, Inc., a Minnesota-based suicide clean up company.

Scene Clean exceeded any expectations I had going into the cleaning of a family member's home. The experience from beginning to end was completely professional yet friendly. I would hire Scene Clean again in a heartbeat!
Date published: 2017-08-12
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