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Gross filth cleanup can sometimes be called hoarding cleanup. While they are typically cleaned the same way one we consider them a little different although both are problematic. We tend to label gross filth cleanup jobs as those with messes that are just that gross filth. Garbage, rotten food maybe some bio-hazards such as feces or vomit. hoarding tends to be more retaining of items but can have some gross filth tendencies.

Either way they get cleaned in very similar matters and have similar problems for those who need the work performed. Health concerns are usually what finally leads people to call for help. Respiratory issues and diseases from rodents and feces are serious issues people face who hoard on live in gross filth. Dust alone if left to gather for long periods of time can cause respiratory illness and exacerbate allergies one might already have.

Scene Clean will come out to the place needing service and give you an estimate of charges to take care of the situation. This estimate is free for those in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Outside of the Twin Cities we have a nominal charge to cover fuel costs but should choose to let us correct the problem the estimate fee goes toward the final bill. Don’t be afraid to call and ask if you have any questions or concerns.

This is no way for anyone to live so please take the first step if you or anyone you know has a gross filth cleanup problem they need handled.

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