Death Cleanup Services

Minnesota Body Decomposition Cleaning Services

Scene Clean provides compassionate and timely body decomposition cleaning throughout Minnesota to help families begin their healing journey. We go above and beyond simple cleanup, using American Bio Recovery Association certified methods, products, and testing technology.

Our quick, thorough, and affordable unattended death cleanup services return your property to a safe and habitable state.

What Is Unattended Death Cleaning?

Unexpected loss can be mentally and emotionally challenging. This is especially true when the deceased was alone at the time of death. There are difficult tasks ahead, such as the cleanup of a loved one or dear friend’s home. We provide families with experienced and compassionate unattended death cleanup professionals to help make this painful process easier.

Our experienced crews take care during an unattended death cleanup to prevent potential health hazards in the future. The moment an individual passes, the body begins the decomposition process. When a body decomposes, fluids may contaminate surrounding areas or surfaces, creating a foul odor and potentially biohazardous bacterial growth. Depending on the stasis period, fluids may affect sub-floors, mattresses, carpeting, clothing, etc.

Our bio-cleaning experts quickly and safely handle proper cleanup from the start to prevent decomposition issues throughout the home. We’re here to help provide a new beginning.

Why You Need a Professional Death Cleanup Service

Professional unattended death cleanup is about more than surface-level cleaning. Our teams go beyond a simple cleanup that leads to returning odors and potential illness for homeowners.

We take great care to carefully clean, disinfect, and deodorize so that you can restore the property to its original state. Our expert teams thoroughly clean all areas to prevent bacteria, mold growth, and other potential health threats. Here’s what you can expect from Scene Clean.

  • We remove layer after layer of material to ensure complete cleanup of bio-matter.
  • Our teams document and photograph every step of the death cleaning process.
  • Scene Clean takes every precaution necessary to reduce exposure and carefully remove bio-hazards.

We specialize in bioremediation, helping completely remove potential pathogens and prevent disease outbreaks from spreading throughout the home after a loss. Death cleanup requires intensive training, licensing, equipment, and certification. Let our team help your family begin the healing process today.

Compassionate Cleaning Crews

We’re a team of real people dedicated to helping families move forward following a loss. Founded by Paramedic Nate Berg, we understand the immense challenges of unattended death cleaning. It’s our mission to provide respectful cleaning solutions for victims, families, and friends.

Washing and sanitizing an area following a loss can be incredibly challenging for the family. We manage this difficult process through proper unattended death cleaning processes. You deserve trusted experts to ensure thorough disinfection and protection from potential risk.

Affordable, Safe & Quick

Nearly all of our unattended death cleanup and body decomposition cleaning solutions are covered by insurance. We help make this difficult time affordable. Our experts take great care in bio-decontaminating and restoring your home following a loss. We make sure that all traces of death are gone so that you can begin to move forward.

Top-Rated & Local

Our work speaks for itself. We are a highly rated and recommended unattended death cleaning team serving only the Minnesota area.

Our teams are ABRA and IIRC certified to ensure proper decontamination, abatement, and sanitation following a loss.

Post-Cleanup Restoration Solutions

When we say start to finish, we mean it. Scene Clean provides aftercare programs following remediation of your home. Our specialist will assist with full restoration of the property, comprehensive real estate solutions, and even help with liquidation. We’ll be by your side with:

  • Real Estate Services
  • Restoration Solutions
  • Distressed Sale Services

Contact Our Local Team for Natural Death Cleaning & Disinfecting

Losing someone you love and care about can be challenging. With so many uncertainties ahead, we’re here to take care of the cleaning, disinfecting, and restoration process for you.

Contact our team today and let our specialists remove any traces of loss. We’re by your side to provide fast, compassionate, and local unattended death cleaning you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Hire a Local Company for an Unattended Death Cleaning?
When you call us, we are ready to respond 24/7. While many companies are either based out-of-state or contract their work, we’re prepared at a moment’s notice. A local company and team also helps ensure that all licensing, training, and certifications are compliant with local guidelines.
Do I Have a Choice for Who I Choose for Cleaning When Filing an Insurance Claim?
Yes. While many insurance companies have a list of “recommended providers,” it’s important that you understand your rights. You may feel pressure by insurance companies to choose a company on this list. We’re here to let you know that you do have a choice, and using a company you decide upon will not affect your policy or premium rates.
Why Can’t I Perform the Cleaning Myself?
Unattended death cleaning requires more than a simple cleanup. To reduce risk and ensure bloodborne pathogens don’t lead to potential infections, specialized cleaning agents, protocols, and measures must be taken for safety purposes. State and Federal mandates govern the entire bio-hazard cleaning industry for a reason. It can be incredibly dangerous to attempt cleanup internally.
How Long Does the Unattended Death Cleaning Process Take?
Every scene is unique and there is no way for us to answer this question accurately without seeing the scene itself. There are many factors that could affect the timeframe of the cleaning process, including but not limited to, location, floor type, interior vs. exterior, extent of body decomposition, temperature, and cause of death.

A Review of Scene Clean, Inc., a Minnesota-based suicide clean up company.

Scene Clean exceeded any expectations I had going into the cleaning of a family member's home. The experience from beginning to end was completely professional yet friendly. I would hire Scene Clean again in a heartbeat!
Babette Mirabelli via Google
Date published: 2017-08-12
Five Star Rating5/5