Code of Ethics

Code Of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

Scene Clean, Inc.

The Code of Ethics shall be the basis of conduct, business principles and ideals for Scene Clean, Inc.

1. Conduct business affairs with honesty and integrity, never resorting to unfair trade practices that might adversely affect the image of Scene Clean or the industry;

A. Scene Clean recognizes that we have a fiduciary duty to our clients. They deserve our undivided loyalty and effort, and their interests come first. We must avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

B. Scene Clean shall uphold a strict policy of customer confidentiality. Personnel must not take inappropriate advantage of their positions and the access to information that comes with their positions.

C. Exercise care in acting for and on behalf of clients. Do so without regard to your own interests and be faithful to those for whom you act.

2. Make good all promises, be truthful in your service to your customers;

A. Scene Clean shall not willfully misrepresent services, pricing, make false promises, present misleading advertising, or any other promotions that would lead to a customers’ misconception.