Twin Cities Restoration Services

At Scene Clean we handle situations on behalf of our clients that most people have no idea where to turn for professional and honest advice. We pride ourselves in being that honest choice providing services of which many clients have found invaluable. After a majority of remediation situations the home will need to be put back together. Twin Cities Restoration (TCR) is our MN general contracting division, license BC736960, that provides this part of the process.

Most of the jobs that Scene Clean provides are broken down into two phases.

Phase 1, otherwise known as remediation (Performed by Scene Clean)

  • Scene Clean will re-mediate the scene. Whether its hoarding, blood removal, unattended death cleanup this step is the very first part of what we do. Phase 1 usually happens quickly and is the faster of the two phases.

Phase 2, otherwise known as rebuild or restoration (Performed by TCR)

  • Often times, not always, work will need to be done to repair the home from the remediation done in Phase 1 or by damages caused after years of neglect from hoarding. This is the slower of the two phases especially if it is a homeowners insurance claim. Expect a few weeks time to pass before work can begin to put things back together. Sometimes it may be quicker depending on the extent of repairs needed.

As with the remediation portion of your claim, Twin Cities Restoration (TCR) will be here to help through the process. It is important to understand that when you have a claim for remediation and eventually repairs this can all be done with only ONE deductible payment.

Sometimes a client may have the remediation (cleanup) portion done and just wants to move on or sell the home for whatever reason. We have programs just for those people as well. Please check out our Distressed Sales program and Real Estate sales assistance pages for more information. We want you to be fully informed on all your options so you can choose the option that is right for you.

For more information you may contact us by filling out the form below or contact TCR at 612-888-9488.