Scene Clean’s Minnesota Cleanup Services

No one wants to recover a crime scene, whether it’s a suicide, homicide, especially one that involves decomposition or a biohazard.

That’s where Scene Clean comes in. We’re here to restore your space after a tragedy or crime has been committed.

Trauma and crime scenes are full of biohazards. Whether there is decomposition or bodily fluids, these require a professional to properly clean and disinfect the area. Trying to clean a biohazardous space without the proper training, tools, and techniques can lead to illness and infection.

We offer professional, compassionate, and discreet Minnesota cleanup solutions. Our cleanup services allow us to take over the painful tasks of restoring an area after trauma, so family and friends don’t have to.

As Minnesota’s most experienced biohazard cleaning specialist, we’re here for you every step of the way. We’re available to assist in various trauma, crime, and biohazard scenes, including homicide and suicide cleanups.

Scene Clean’s Cleanup Services in Minnesota

Death and Body Decomposition Cleanup Services

When a person passes away, whether naturally, of via suicide or homicide, their body begins the decomposition process. If a person is alone when they pass, their body may not get discovered immediately. As a result, fluids from the decomposition process may contaminate the surroundings.

Body fluids are a biohazard, meaning they have the potential to carry microorganisms that spread disease. Depending on how long the body has been decomposing, those fluids may seep into areas like mattresses, carpeting, and sub-floors.

Our trained cleaning crew uses American Bio Recovery Association-certified methods to thoroughly clean, disinfect, and deodorize your space and remove all evidence of decomposition. We completely remove potential pathogens, document the process, and provide compassion and understanding for families in difficult times.

Suicide Cleanup Services

The loss of a loved one to suicide is a unique and indescribable pain. Returning to the scene can be difficult, and returning before cleanup can be particularly traumatic.

If you’re based in Minnesota, our cleanup service professionals are here to take care of that for you, utilizing the American Bio Recovery Association certified methods to clean and restore your location for safe use in the future.

BioHazard Removal

Biohazard removal requires specialized training and equipment. Biohazards, including blood, urine, feces, semen, and other secretions, can harbor dangerous viruses and bacteria that can make people incredibly sick.

Our Minnesota cleanup service team is trained in biohazard removal, and we adhere strictly to OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standards. Our professional team uses the latest personal protective equipment (PPE) and cutting-edge cleaning protocols to reduce biohazard exposure and promote safety.

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Homicide Cleanup Services

Like suicide, homicide can be traumatic and devastating for loved ones left behind. We’re here to help. Once law enforcement has verified that the murder scene is clear, our Minnesota cleanup services step in to protect you from biological agents and from the pain of seeing the homicide crime scene.

Our compassionate and OSHA-compliant techs will provide cleaning and decontamination to restore your space. We’re here for you whether you plan to keep the space or sell it.

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Blood Cleanup Services

Blood is a biohazardous material, and, as such, requires specific and specialized cleaning methods. Blood can carry many diseases, such as:

  • Hepatitis B and hepatitis C
  • MRSA

You need experts who can safely and properly clean up blood to prevent contamination and health issues.

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Meth Lab Cleanup Services

Meth, or methamphetamine, is a destructive drug. One of the reasons for its popularity is that, compared to other recreational drugs, it can be manufactured in an at-home lab. Methamphetamine manufacturing requires volatile and dangerous chemicals that eventually require meticulous cleanup and disposal.

Even after a meth lab has been cleared out, if the area hasn’t been professionally deep-cleaned, residue may linger. We will completely rid your property of any hazardous chemicals and residue left behind by the cooking or even chronic consumption of methamphetamine.

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Vehicle Decontamination

Just as trauma and crime scenes can occur in a home or business, they can also occur in automobiles. Scene Clean in Minnesota performs cleanup services for cars and trucks, including the decontamination of body fluids due to accidents, suicide, and other deaths.

We can work on vehicles at your location or one of ours, although depending on the services needed, we may require that the vehicle be on-site. We also offer odor removal, which may take a day or two. We can work with your auto insurance to see if they offer any coverage.

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Infectious Disease Cleanup Services

After the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of various other diseases, many of us are aware of how necessary sanitization is to avoid spreading infectious diseases.

Consistent cleaning is the best way to reduce the spread of disease. But in the event of an outbreak, you want a professional who is fast, discrete, and thorough. We can get your location properly sanitized and disinfected so you can return to normalcy as soon as possible.

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Tear Gas Cleanup Services

Tear gas is often used by police for crowd control and may also be used by individuals for self-defense. Depending on the type of tear gas you’re exposed to, you may experience symptoms like watery eyes, eye pain, temporary blindness, sneezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing.

The best way to reduce symptoms is to leave the contaminated area. Unfortunately, sometimes tear gas can linger, and the only way to remove it is with professional techniques. At Scene Clean, we’re able to come in and neutralize and remove tear gas, so no one experiences any lingering effects. Tear gas cleanup is often covered under insurance.

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Hoarding Cleanup Services

Hoarding situations can be difficult to clean up and, at times, may be dangerous.

Scene Clean partners with the Minnesota Hoarding Task Force to provide support to those with hoarding disorders. Our hoarding cleanup services take care of biohazards such as dead animals. These tasks shouldn’t be taken on without proper protective gear and training, as severe diseases such as the hantavirus may be present in these cases.

We work with local counties and social services in Minnesota, but also with the homeowner, their friends and family, and a mental health expert to ensure the process goes smoothly and is not traumatic for the homeowner. In addition to decontamination services, we provide general cleaning and item removal services.

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Gross Filth Removal

Gross filth removal is, in some ways, similar to hoarding cleanup. However, we tend to categorize gross filth cleanup as a situation in which everything is filth and virtually nothing is salvageable.

Gross filth situations, like hoarding situations, can involve biohazards that require specific training, equipment, and methods to clean. Rodent droppings can cause severe illness, and long-standing dust can cause respiratory issues.

We provide a free estimate for gross filth removal for those within the Twin Cities area. Outside the Twin Cities, we charge a small cost to cover fuel. Should you choose to work with us, that payment will go towards the final cost.

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Post-Cleanup Restoration

Sometimes, the traumatic event or the cleaning done afterward can leave a space in need of renovation or restoration. We offer you various options for whatever you plan to do with the property.

Twin Cities Restoration is our general contracting division. We take care of the damage left after the scene has been cleared and cleaned. This damage can include damage from the incident that brought us in, damage from the cleanup, such as stripped carpeting, or damage due to neglect in hoarding or gross filth situations. We’re here to help restore your property and can also walk you through the insurance claims process.

New Leaf Realty is our brokerage service. We can help you sell the property after restoration, or if you don’t want to deal with the cleanup, help you sell the property as-is in a distressed sale. All our options are hassle-free, and you are under no obligation to accept the written offer.

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Top-Rated Minnesota Cleanup Company

Scene clean is the most experienced biohazard cleaning company in Minnesota. We focus exclusively on crime and trauma decontamination; this isn’t a side job for us.

We are certified through the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA), have an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and are EPA lead paint certified. Our cleanup services are often covered under insurance.

We provide services in a variety of locations, including homes, businesses, industrial sites, construction sites, and automobiles.

We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients as well as cleaning and decontamination. We strive to provide the utmost care and compassion during difficult times, and our services are often quick and discrete. Don’t just take our word for it; Scene Clean is highly rated across all our reviews.

Our headquarters is in Osseo, Minnesota, and our branches in Bloomington and Woodbury also serve the metro area. To contact us, fill out a service request form, and for urgent assistance, call us at 612.643.0911.

A Review of Scene Clean, Inc., a Minnesota-based suicide clean up company.

Scene Clean exceeded any expectations I had going into the cleaning of a family member's home. The experience from beginning to end was completely professional yet friendly. I would hire Scene Clean again in a heartbeat!
Babette Mirabelli via Google
Date published: 2017-08-12
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