9/29/2021 We no longer accept UCARE patients. UCARE has a history of approving claims and then denying payment after services are rendered. Because of this, we have decided we will no longer accept UCARE. We will not make any exceptions to our decision.

Pest Control Service Update

Starting June 1st we will no longer provide pest control services as a standalone service. We will include this as part of a regular provided service. We apologize this may cause some inconvienence.

Attention Case Managers Please Read the Following Carefully


The waiver process with Scene Clean involves the case manager to be in control of the file as it moves through our online process. There are three steps to our waiver registrations, you as the case manager are in control and responsible for moving the file forward throughout the process.

We frequently receive calls from case managers with questions about their client and the process that are a result of case managers not reading the instructions provided during the process. We process files as first come first serve basis based off the information provided from you as the case manager.  It is up to the case manager to make sure the three steps are followed and ensure the file moves forward, we can only work based off the information you provide to us.

The most common errors and issues:


  1. All three steps in the waiver process require entry of data onto the specific forms. All three forms will take you to a confirmation page when the form has been properly submitted. We cannot stress enough that unless you are taken to the confirmation page after a successful submission we have not received the form and have no idea you attempted to submit anything to us. Please be patient as some forms can take 30 seconds or more to process based off the size of the files you are submitting. Do not hit the back button. Again, please wait to be taken to the confirmation page after submitting the form.
  2. Clients referrals are made to us but there is no followup on the file to request either the assessment or the service to be scheduled. We will typically respond to the initial client registration within 72 business hours and assign the client a JOB ID. It is the case managers responsibility to return to the website and request the assessment and eventually the service itself. Units are required to schedule the assessment and DO NOT count toward the eventual service itself.
  3. Assessment information is submitted but the assessment was not scheduled online at the same time. When you return to the website to submit for the assessment you will be directed to an online scheduling area where you can schedule the assessment at the same time. If you are unable to complete online scheduling at the time you must contact us by email to obtain a one time link to schedule at another time or you may call the office.
  4. After we perform an on-site assessment we will email and portal upload the assessment typically the same day. Within the assessment report you will find the units you will need to request in order for us to provide the service, these units are in addition to any units requested for the assessment itself, do not subtract the assessment units from the service units. Once you have approval of the units we are requesting you will need to come back to this website and submit step 3 to begin service scheduling. We will then reach out to you via email or phone to schedule a date and time.

If you have any questions during the process please call our office at 612-643-0911 ext 35. If you are ready to register a client for the first time OR if its has been over 120 days since they were registered previously, then click the red button to the right .

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