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At Scene Clean, we offer a comprehensive range of services in Excelsior to address various cleanup needs. Whether it’s drug cleanup, biohazard cleanup for situations like suicide or homicide, or assistance with hoarding, we’ve got you covered.


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Our Services

At Scene Clean, we offer a comprehensive range of professional cleanup services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our services include:

  • Biohazard cleanup: From bloodborne pathogens to hazardous chemicals, we safely and effectively remove biohazards to restore safety and peace of mind.
  • Hoarding cleanup: Our compassionate team is experienced in addressing hoarding situations with sensitivity and efficiency, helping restore order and cleanliness to your space.
  • Drug cleanup: We specialize in the cleanup and decontamination of areas affected by drug use, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all occupants.
  • Suicide cleanup: With care and discretion, we provide thorough cleanup services following a suicide, minimizing trauma and restoring the affected area to its pre-incident condition.

No matter the scope or complexity of the cleanup task, Scene Clean is here to help. Trust us to deliver prompt, professional service you can rely on.

Our Clients

Over the past year, we’ve been privileged to assist several clients in the Excelsior area. From addressing hoarding situations to handling delicate matters involving death, we’ve provided our expertise and support to those in need.





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Our Process: From Start to Finish

When you reach out to our office, the process begins. We’ll gather the necessary information from you and schedule a convenient time to meet at the job site. This initial visit allows us to assess the scope of work and, if required, assist you in filing an insurance claim. Our goal is to be on-site within 24 hours, ensuring swift action to address your needs.


Consequences of Not Hiring a Professional Cleanup Service

Choosing not to hire a professional for cleanup can have severe consequences. Improper work may lead to lingering hazards and potential health risks. It’s essential to recognize the difference between a true biohazard expert and those who may lack the specialized knowledge and experience needed for thorough cleanup.



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What Makes Scene Clean Different?

What sets Scene Clean apart is our commitment to excellence. Unlike some providers who may dabble in biohazard cleanup, our team consists of full-time professionals with third-party certifications. When you choose Scene Clean, you’re choosing the best in the industry, ensuring a successful outcome for your cleanup needs.

Contact Scene Clean Today

Contacting Scene Clean is the first step towards resolving your cleanup needs swiftly and efficiently. Our dedicated team is available to assist you with any inquiries or emergencies you may encounter. Whether you require biohazard cleanup, hoarding assistance, or drug cleanup, we’re here to provide prompt and professional service. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 612-643-0911 to speak with one of our experts and schedule your cleanup appointment today.


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Why Do Customers Choose Scene Clean, Inc?


Locally Owned & Dispatched

Situated in Blaine, MN, we distinguish ourselves from competitors who outsource your information. Unlike them, we are wholly committed to serving our local community. As Minnesota’s largest full-time biohazard professionals, we exclusively hire the industry’s elite, including current and retired public safety professionals. Just as you trusted us when you called 911, you can trust us for your crime scene cleaning needs. Contact our specialists today.

Specializing in Decontamination

Don’t take chances with a restoration company for decontamination services. Opt for a specialized crime and trauma decontamination company that places the job and your safety as the top priorities. We take pride in our meticulous and thorough decontamination processes, ensuring your protection from any further harm.

Our range of services includes after-death cleaning, biohazard removal, meth lab cleanup, odor removal, tear gas cleanup, infectious disease, COVID-19 disinfection, and much more.


Professional & Experienced Staff

Our team consists of highly experienced bio-techs with years of public safety service. We intentionally select individuals from the public safety field because they not only possess a strong desire to help people but also have the requisite experience to handle the distressing scenes we clean. Furthermore, they excel in managing those present at the scene with the utmost compassion.


Scene Clean, Inc. was established by Paramedic Nate Berg in response to a critical need he observed in the Blaine area, particularly in the aftermath of traumatic events. This need extended beyond providing essential cleaning services to victims, their families, and friends; it also encompassed addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of these incidents. Nate Berg’s vision and unwavering commitment have truly transformed Scene Clean, Inc. into a company that excels in providing comprehensive support during the most challenging times, addressing both practical and emotional needs.

We Work For YOU, Not Your Insurance Company

Don’t let confusion with your insurance coverage leave you high and dry. When it comes to restoring and decontaminating your home or business, most insurance policies have got you covered. However, many homeowners find themselves at a loss for words when explaining their situation to a claims center, resulting in potential denial of coverage. Don’t fret – call us first and let us guide you through the insurance process with ease.

Read our 5 Star Customer Reviews

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Understanding, compassionate and professional. Everything you NEED when dealing with an unexpected tragedy. Thank you for helping to make our family’s tragedy a little more easy to deal with, as best you could

Amber Jarosh

I came in from out of town for a family emergency, and I worked with Scene Clean. I’m really glad we chose to work with them. They were incredibly kind and helpful, and went well beyond, in terms of customer service. I truly believe they are your best choice in the area.

Naomi Theiss

Professional, kind, sensitive, discreet, and efficient. Scene Clean took care of a hoarding situation with respect and understanding. They were more than just a clean-up crew – offering support and resources.

Jenny Hanson

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Areas We Service

Scene Clean, Inc. takes great pride in offering our comprehensive biohazard cleanup services in Blaine and the surrounding counties in Minnesota. To gain a comprehensive understanding of our entire service area and explore additional office locations we operate from, we encourage you to visit our website. Our commitment extends to offering support and assistance across a wide-reaching region, ensuring that those in need can easily access our specialized services.

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