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removal of cigarette odor

Odor Removal & Cleaning Specialists

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  • Remove the leftover smell of cigarettes, must, decomposition, and more

Scene Clean is a Minnesota odor removal provider. Odors can come from many things in our environment. Some odors are indications of serious bacteria issues that can make you sick. We provide odor removal services using the latest technology and products. We neutralize odors at the molecular level leaving your place fresh and clean.

Odor removal can be tricky and can take time to properly re-mediate. Be leary of any company who claims any quick fix.

Our odor removal can remedy the following odors;

  • Body Decomposition
  • Cigarette smells
  • Musty smells, remember this may not fix the long term issue behind the musty smell
  • Smells related to a hoarding situation
  • GI Bleeds
  • Many many more
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