Choosing the Right Crime Scene Cleanup Company

7 Steps to choosing the right crime scene cleanup company Choosing the right Crime Scene Cleanup Company in Minnesota is important for obvious reasons. To start, we always recommend you find a local company. This can be a little tricky but do some research. Here are 7 steps you can use to find the … [Read more...]

Blood cleanup, professional blood cleaning, professional blood cleanup

Minnesota owned Scene Clean provides blood cleanup, professional blood cleaning, professional blood cleanup. No matter how you put it, the clean up of blood is a difficult and undesirable job, at best. Scene Clean understands this better than most, as many on our staff have trusted backgrounds in … [Read more...]

Faribault MN Crime Scene Cleanup

Scene Clean is the best choice for Faribault MN crime scene cleanup. Located about 50 miles south of the Twin Cities Faribault Minnesota. Faribault is regarded as one of the most historic communities in Minnesota, with settlement and commercial activity predating Minnesota’s establishment as a U.S. … [Read more...]