Scene Clean is Minnesota’s leading name for after death cleanup. After death cleanup is also known as body decomposition cleanup or even unattended death. The proper cleanup of these services requires specialized knowledge and processes to properly remediate the issues. The hazards are not easy to see and if not properly removed can cause long-term issues with cross-contamination and odors.

The issues of after death cleaning are often hidden from the naked eye. We are often asked why we can’t just clean the surface. the fact is the surface is just the start of the problem. Depending on many factors such as the time of year and the size of the deceased can lead to an extra amount of body fluids the are leaked or expelled into the home surfaces. Like water damage, body fluids follow the path of least resistance and can go through floors and into levels below.

Unattended death cleaning can be a difficult task. It requires specialized training and the use of protective gear, such as PPE and respirators. Beginning with the removal of the deceased and followed up with a thorough cleaning using special cleaning agents and disinfection. Removal of any bodily fluids can mean the demolition of home structures, as well as any items that may have been contaminated. All surfaces and items should be treated with a disinfectant to ensure that any remaining bacteria or viruses are removed.

types of biohazard cleanup servicesAll of the items contaminated after the death need to be properly disposed of according to both federal and state laws.