We get a lot of calls about how to remove odors and cat pee odors,many of our jobs involve removing odors, its just part of what we do at Scene Clean. Out of all the jobs and scene types we clean the hardest odor for us is cat pee odors. Cat pee forms a salt crystal when it dries and can re constitute over and over again making it very very hard to get rid of. I’m sorry but there is no magic solution for removing cat pee odors and the process often involves removing flooring and even parts of walls to be able to remove and clean the area causing the odor problem.

Besides cat pee odors, other odors can be hard to remove like cigarette and curry. The process to remove odors can take time and there is not one correct solution to the problem. Every job is unique.

The basic steps are;

  1. Remove the source
  2. Clean the surfaces
  3. Treat the surfaces with a counteraction product or treatment
  4. Seal the surface

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