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Experience unrivaled expertise in crime scene and biohazard cleanup in Woodbury with Scene Clean, Inc. ®. Our comprehensive services cover death cleanup, suicide cleanup, tear gas remnants, meth labs, hoarding environments, and more. Trust our highly skilled team to handle even the toughest situations with professionalism and compassion.

Fair pricing is at the core of our values, meeting industry standards and accepted by insurance companies. As a family-owned and operated business, we bring a unique blend of professionalism and empathy to each project. Our certification from the American Bio Recovery Association speaks to our commitment to excellence.

With over a century of combined experience, we are the leading experts in bio-decontamination within our state. Our meticulous work transforms crime and trauma scenes into safe and sanitary environments. While we take pride in our work, the health and well-being of those affected is our top priority.

Our dedication and expertise have garnered recognition from esteemed local and national publications, including reputable news stations, renowned news stations, radio programs, newspapers, and prestigious outlets such as MinnPost, Minnesota Monthly, BuzzFeed, and The New York Times. When you need assistance with crime scene and biohazard cleanup, trust Scene Clean, Inc. ® for prompt and reliable service. Contact us today.

Our Services

biohazard cleaning companies in Woodbury, MN

At Scene Clean, Inc., we maintain strict adherence to OSHA guidelines when handling materials containing bodily fluids, which encompass substances like blood, semen, feces, urine, and human secretions. Our highly experienced and dedicated team takes every measure to ensure a job well done, with a paramount focus on safety above all else.

When it comes to dealing with biohazards, there’s no room for risk. We urge you not to take any chances and instead reach out to us for the peace of mind you need during challenging and sensitive times. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities.

after death clean up service in Woodbury, MN

Discovering a decomposed body is an emotionally challenging experience that serves as a distressing reminder of loss. The necessity for cleanup in such situations is more common than many might realize. At Scene Clean, Inc., our dedicated professionals are here to provide swift and affordable death cleanup services. Our goal is to restore the affected area to a safe and habitable condition, offering essential support during a difficult and sensitive time.

top rated blood cleanup companies

Scene Clean offers professional trauma blood cleanup services in Woodbury. The best part? Your insurance company will likely cover the cost. We prioritize thorough blood cleanup to reduce the risk of diseases. With bloodborne pathogens being a genuine concern, you can trust our specialized team to handle any situation, anywhere. We prioritize your safety and well-being above all else.

suicide scene cleanup services

Dealing with the aftermath of a loved one’s suicide is an incredibly emotional and challenging experience. During this trying time, attempting to clean the scene yourself should not even be a consideration. Instead, rely on the expertise of professionals who truly comprehend the sensitivity and significance of proper suicide cleanup. We are here to offer the specialized support you require, ensuring that the scene is handled with the utmost care and consideration. Reach out to us today, and let us shoulder this burden, allowing you to focus on healing and recovery.

homicide and trauma scene cleaners

Experience the peace of mind you truly deserve in the wake of a distressing event. At Scene Clean, we are unwavering in our commitment to providing dependable and comprehensive homicide cleanup services. Our dedicated team ensures that every aspect of the scene is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, alleviating the burden during this challenging time. Our trained technicians, who rigorously adhere to OSHA regulations, expertly manage the entire cleanup process, allowing you the space to focus on healing and recovery. Furthermore, rest assured that our services are often covered by insurance, easing the financial weight of this difficult task. Your well-being and peace of mind are our foremost priorities.

hoarder house cleanup & removal service serving Minneapolis, MN

Scene Clean collaborates closely with local counties, social services, and insurance providers to offer a compassionate and streamlined approach to hoarder cleaning. Our robust partnership with the MN Hoarding Task Force underscores our unwavering commitment to creating essential resources for individuals dealing with Hoarding Disorder and to providing the much-needed support to those who require our assistance.

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Why Do Customers Choose Scene Clean, Inc?


Locally Owned & Dispatched

Unlike our competitors who are out of state and eager to sell your information, we are based right here in Woodbury, MN. Our dedicated team consists of only the best industry professionals, many of whom have backgrounds in public safety. Just as you trusted us when you called 911, trust us to handle your crime scene cleaning needs. Contact our specialists today.


Specializing in Decontamination


 Choose the experts when it comes to decontamination services. Don’t risk it with a company that specializes in restoration instead. We are not just a regular cleanup company dabbling in decontamination. Our focus is solely on crime and trauma decontamination, and we take immense pride in our meticulous work. Trust us to protect you from further harm.

Our range of services includes after-death cleaning, biohazard removal, meth lab cleanup, odor removal, tear gas cleanup, infectious disease, COVID-19 disinfection, and much more.


Professional & Experienced Staff

Our team always includes a highly qualified bio-tech with extensive experience in public safety. We understand the importance of having professionals who are genuinely committed to helping people and have the ability to deal with the challenging and stressful scenes we encounter. They also possess the unique skills needed to handle everyone involved at the scene with the utmost care and compassion.



Scene Clean, Inc. was established by Paramedic Nate Berg in response to a pressing need he observed in the Woodbury area following traumatic events. This need extended beyond providing essential cleaning services to victims, their families, and friends. It also encompassed addressing the critical emotional and psychological aspects of such incidents. Nate Berg’s vision and dedication have transformed Scene Clean, Inc. into a company that offers both practical and emotional support during difficult times.


We Work For YOU, Not Your Insurance Company

It’s important to note that most home and commercial insurance policies typically cover the cost of restoring the property and the necessary bio-cleaning decontamination of the affected area. However, many homeowners may encounter challenges when explaining the situation to claims centers and may receive incorrect information about the coverage. To ensure a smoother process, we recommend reaching out to us as your first point of contact. We can assist you in navigating the insurance process, helping you accurately convey the situation to ensure that you receive the coverage you are entitled to. Your peace of mind and well-being are our priorities. 

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Amazing! Not only thorough but effective, efficient, trust worthy and caring all rolled into one. They took a tough situation and made it into a winning situation. The follow up and attention to detail exceeded my expectations

Suzan Scott

From the first phone call through the clean up my experience with Scene Clean was “wonderful.” The owner and his wife were knowledgeable and professional. They did not skirt difficult issues but handled them with respect. Quotes and correspondence were timely and complete..

Angie's List Customer

Professional, courteous, and prompt.

Stephanie Schuh-Greenwald

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Areas We Service

Scene Clean, Inc. takes great pride in offering our comprehensive biohazard cleanup services in Woodbury and the surrounding counties in Minnesota. Explore our website for a comprehensive look at our extensive service area and learn about the additional office locations we serve. Our dedicated team provides support and assistance across a wide region, ensuring everyone in need can access our specialized services. 


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