When it comes to cleaning up a hazardous environment, the importance of hiring a reliable and professional biohazard cleanup company cannot be overstated. The process often involves the removal of dangerous materials that could pose serious health risks. In an industry where the stakes are high, the last thing you want to do is trust your safety or the safety of others to an unqualified or unprofessional company.

To make sure you’re hiring a reputable biohazard cleanup company, there are several red flags you should be aware of. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into these warning signs, which can be broadly categorized under appearance, professional equipment and crew, insurance, and certifications.

1. Appearance

Uniforms and Personal Presentation

red flags to look out

One of the first impressions you’ll get of any service company is their appearance. A professional biohazard cleanup team should arrive in clean, matching uniforms that clearly identify the company they’re representing. A crew that shows up in casual attire, without any matching uniforms, may signal a lack of professionalism or attention to detail. Uniforms also help to establish a sense of trust and credibility, which is crucial in this line of work.

Vehicle Condition

The type and condition of the vehicles the team arrives in can also offer clues about the company’s professionalism. According to OSHA rules, personal vehicles should not be used for transporting biohazardous waste. A reputable company will have designated, clearly-marked vehicles that are well-maintained and set up to handle hazardous materials safely.

2. Professional Equipment and Crew

Equipment and Supplies

When you’re dealing with biohazards, specialized equipment is often required for effective and safe cleanup. Ensure the team has the right tools and machinery to do the job. Outdated or inappropriate equipment is a major red flag that suggests cutting corners or a lack of investment in quality service.

Employee vs. Contractor

Another consideration to keep in mind is whether the crew members are full-time employees or contractors. Full-time employees are more likely to be committed and trained in the company’s protocols and standards. Don’t hesitate to ask the company directly about this; transparency in staffing is a sign of a reputable business.

3. Insurance

Being adequately insured is a must for any biohazard cleanup company. If the company can’t provide proof of insurance, consider it a significant red flag. Adequate coverage should include liability insurance to protect you from any damages or incidents that could occur during the cleanup process.

4. Certifications and Training

Types of Certifications

Perhaps one of the most vital factors in choosing a biohazard cleanup company is their level of training and certifications. Companies should have certifications in biohazard cleanup and remediation, hazardous waste handling, and related areas.

Ask for Proof

Don’t be afraid to ask for copies of these certificates or other training credentials. A professional company will readily provide this information and may even list their certifications on their website.


red flags to look out

Hiring a biohazard cleanup company is not something to be taken lightly. To ensure that you’re making a responsible decision, watch out for red flags in the company’s appearance, whether they use professional equipment and crew, their insurance coverage, and their training and certifications. Keeping these points in mind will help you make an informed choice, ensuring that the job is done professionally, effectively, and safely. Contact Scene Clean today to learn more about the red flags you should look out for when hiring a biohazard cleanup company.