Hiring a professional biohazard cleanup service will keep you protected from many things; the additional trauma of having to clean up after a tragic situation, the hidden dangers inside of biohazard exposure, and permanent damage to the area. While many people believe the risks of a biohazard cleanup are minimal, there are many hidden dangers most people don’t think about when attempting to clean up a scene by themselves. If you don’t have the adequate knowledge, tools, and experience, cleaning up a biohazard scene is very dangerous. 

Your Mental Health 

After learning the news of a tragic accident, suicide, or crime in your home, the last thing you’ll want to deal with cleaning up the aftermath. There’s a lot of additional trauma that can come from cleaning up the scene left behind from an accident or injury of a family member or loved one. Being in the room for several hours and cleaning up their blood, along with any other biohazard in the area, can be traumatic.

There’s also the stress that comes with potentially exposing yourself to a biohazard. Blood, bodily fluids, human and animal feces, are all biohazards commonly found in an area after an injury, crime or death. If you’re worried about the possibility of transmitting a dangerous disease to yourself, such as HIV or Hepatitis, leave the cleaning to a professional biohazard cleanup service

Working with a team of professionals will eliminate any risk of you or your family being exposed to dangerous illnesses. It’ll also save you the trouble of having to clean up the aftermath and exposing yourself to any additional emotional trauma

Professional Biohazard Cleanup Service Knows EPA Regulations

In a hoard, homicide, suicide or accident, there’s many biohazards commonly left behind that need to be cleaned up. In addition to the biohazards, special chemicals need to be used to properly clean, sanitize and disinfect the area. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has special regulations in place for the disposal of any biohazard, as well as anything used to clean up the area. 

Professional Biohazard Cleanup Service Knows EPA Regulations

The materials used in a cleanup can’t be thrown away in the regular trash. If these materials are thrown away in everyday trash, they pose an environmental and public health hazard. To eliminate this risk, there’s special procedures put in place by the EPA to ensure there’s no additional threat left over from cleaning up a scene. 

In addition, a professional cleaning team knows how to keep themselves safe from exposure to the list of dangerous pathogens hidden in blood and bodily fluids. They’re aware of the proper personal protective equipment needed to keep themselves safe and eliminate the risk of exposure.

Commercial Applications 

In commercial applications, it’s illegal for a company to require its employees to clean up hazardous materials. Before a biohazard can be cleaned up, an individual needs to go through special training, have access to the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), and there needs to be access to the proper disposal of the leftover waste. 

Hiring a professional biohazard cleanup service will allow a company to get back in full operation quickly, with no concerns of additional exposure to their employees or customers. After an accident or death, calling a professional cleaning service will ensure damage to company property is limited and there’s a reduced time of operations going down. 

Hiring a Professional Biohazard Cleanup Service 

There’s a large burden and a lot of danger when it comes to cleaning up a trauma scene. Following the proper regulations is vital for following the law and limiting dangers to public and environmental health. Our team at Scene Clean is ready to provide service to any family or company in need. Contact Scene Clean today for a professional biohazard cleanup service.