Scene Clean was called for a tear gas cleanup job in Cottage Grove, MN by the police. The home owner that had over 40 rounds of tear gas shot into the home in order to end a dispute.  After the Tear Gas Cleanuptear gas spread through out the structure it basically contaminated the home making it unlivable.  When tear gas explodes, it fills the air with tiny particles that get into small areas.  These tiny particles are similar to dumping bottles of baby powder all over your house. When the HVAC is running, the particles get sucked into the HVAC system then spread throughout the entire living structure.

After a couple rounds of remediation it’s much easier to enter the home and walk around without getting itchy, watery eyes.  Tear gas is tough to clean.  There are some agents that have been developed to help ease the process through a process of spraying, vacuuming, wiping, cleaning and throwing away all affected material.  Many homes have air passages that allow for gases to creep their way through the structure and wind up in different areas like the attic or behind walls making it even more complicated to clean up all the residuals.

The crime and tragedy cleanup experts at Scene Clean have the experience you need to help get you back on track if you have experienced a situation in your home or business related to tear gas in Minnesota.

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