The MN hoarding task force was formed as part of the Hoarding Project. Scene Clean and the task force have been working together to help those affected by this dilemma as well as the persons families and friends.

Since Scene Clean began serving the needs of Minnesota, hoarding has become the fastest segment of the company. The needs for properly trained and professional minded cleanup professionals was something that Scene Clean was prepared for but not exactly expected. The issue often survives under the cover of 4 walls and a roof. Those affected tend to seclude themselves from the prying eyes of friends and even family for years.  The MN hoarding task force was created as a new resource for those individuals and create some sort of public awareness as to the seriousness of hoarding.

Often times we hear people who hoard and non-people who hoard alike complain about just wanting to be left alone and not understanding why this issue has become so publicized. There are many many reasons and many problems that affect everyone with this disease. As a retired professional and veteran paramedic I have been in places and seen things most people will never have to see and/or experience. Trying to rescue someones life and extricate them from a house full to the ceiling is not only dangerous to the person but those like me who come to help. I had many partners who had back injuries trying to help people who hoard out of their houses.

Fire and health issues are also huge issues affecting people who hoard. But think about the money spent each day on insurance claims because a hoarding house caught fire and the intensity of the fire caught the neighbor’s house on fire too. Or health care costs associated with mold, diseases, etc. It does not just affect one or two people, hoarding affects us all. This is just a small example of many, the point is this problem is all of ours.

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