Looking for hoarding help in MN? Stop you don’t have to look any further. Scene Clean is the top rated and most recognized hoarding cleanup company in MN and I’ll be happy to fill you in.

Scene Clean’s team of professionals are NOT a couple of guys with an old truck that will come in and grab a bunch of stuff and drive off to the dump. Our team is the ONLY team in the state with professional designations, recognized by the MN Hoarding Task Force and featured on local TV and radio. There is a reason we have this recognition; We earned it!

MN Hoarding help

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The hoarding division of our company is the largest and busiest. We average a few cleanups a week in the warm months. Our services are often referred to us by several counties in the metro and around the state. Social services again both int the metro and out-state MN call us when they need help with a client they are currently working with.

We recognize there are real people behind the hoarding mess and understand those people need to nurtured and worked with using tact, professionalism and skill. Skills only gained through years of experience. Our tact and skill set go beyond the cleanup and we work side by side with the family, hoarder and the health care professional to work on the real reasons as to why the problem with hoarding is taking place and help make positive corrective actions to make sure they won’t happen again in the future all while teaching in a positive manner skill sets to help the person(s) achieve success.

We are as discreet as possible and do not advertise who we are when we arrive to clean. Almost all of our jobs are completed in one day

Hoarding Help in MN

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and we are in and out as fast as possible to keep the prying, non understanding eyes of neighbors away.

So when it comes to hoarding there is other companies who claim to be the best but have yet to prove it and there is Scene Clean, we are right here with you.

More information can be found at our hoarder clean up services page. Contact us today for a no hassle free estimate.