Hoarding and Death Cleanup Together

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Scene Clean of Minnesota does run into instances where hoarding clean up and death clean-up are both present. Unfortunately, one of the many hazards of living in a home that has hoarding present, is the safety aspect of lack of freedom of movement. Hoarding can make exiting or moving about your home due to burglary, fire, or inclement weather not just challenging, but potentially life threatening.

Hoarding and death cleanupIf you are concerned about the level of hoarding in your home, you can refer to the scale at the following link:

Hoarding Scale

Hoarding as a definition simply means “to accumulate,” although the practice of hoarding and the real world implications of living with this disorder, and in the midst of it, is not that simple. Issues with health – both physical and mental, society, friends and family, and overall quality of life are all affected by hoarding. Both the people who hoard, and those that live with them, carry the burdens of the disease.

Hoarding is a DSM 5 mental health disorder, meaning it is recognized in the medical and mental health community as such. See definition:  http://www.compulsive-hoarding.org/Definition.html

For more information, please try these links:

Books to read: http://www.compulsive-hoarding.org/Reading.html

History of hoarding: http://www.compulsive-hoarding.org/First.html

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