There are a lot of Biohazard cleaning companies for the cleanup of a situation related to biohazards or hoarding claiming to serve the Minneapolis, Minnesota area and the state of Minnesota all together. Buyer beware because what you read does not always mean that its true.

These companies are easy to spot. They don’t list a local address or if they do it usually an office building that they probably rent a mailbox to appear local, (Thanks Google StreetView) its hard to run a service related company from an office building. Most of them have 800 numbers versus a local number and they may list several states that they serve. Very very few companies actually serve numerous states themselves. every state has different rules and regulations and its usually illegal for a biohazard cleaning company to cross state lines with regulated aka medical waste.

biohazard cleaning in Minnesota

Scene Clean Inc.

The fact is, most companies who spend thousands of dollars to place themselves on the top of the search engines are NOT LOCAL. As a local Minneapolis based company we are ready to serve you quickly and professionally. These out of state companies farm out your call and info to another company who is local and then play middleman at the same time. We find this business practice to be extremely misleading and frankly unethical. Not to mention you will pay more in the end. Cut out the middle man and use a local company for your biohazard cleaning needs.

Scene Clean has built a solid reputation in the local Minneapolis area for being the best choice when it comes to biohazard and hoarding cleanup. We are here for you before and afterwards walking you through the process from start to finish. Call us first and we will respond with prompt assistance. We accept insurance for both biohazard cleaning as well as hoarding. We are the first company in the state and country to provide hoarding cleanup with health insurance, this accomplishment shows our dedication to our clients and industry.

Don’t let that mess cause you stress. Call Scene Clean! 612-643-0911. See a list of our services here.

Local Biohazard Cleaning

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