• Sewer Backup Remediation

    A sewer backup can happen to anyone at anytime. There is no doubt that the experience of a sewer backup is just plain gross. When you use the bathroom you hope to never see those objects again let alone someone else s. Well….. That’s exactly what happens in a sewer backup. Your families feces and… [Read More]

    Sewer Backup Remediation
  • Murder Cleanup

    Having a Murder Cleanup is no doubt a horrible thing to experience.  Scene Clean is your Minnesota CTS Decon provider for murder cleanup. Our services are almost always covered by insurance so let the professionals take of the cleaning process for you. There is no question a homicide (murder) is a horrible act and traumatic for… [Read More]

    Murder Cleanup
  • Odor Removal

    Scene Clean is a Minnesota odor removal provider. Odors can come from many things in our environment. Some odors are indications of serious bacteria issues that can make you sick. We provide odor removal services using the latest technology and products. We neutralize odors at the molecular level leaving your place fresh and clean. Odor… [Read More]

    Odor Removal
  • Unattended Death Cleanup

    Unattended death cleanup, also known as body decomposition cleanup, is much more common than most people realize. The moment an individual dies, the body immediately begins to decompose. The hotter the environment in which the body is located, the faster the decomposition process will complete. Bodies found in this state can be difficult for loved… [Read More]

    Unattended Death Cleanup
  • Cleaning Up After Vermin or Animals

    Cleaning up after vermin or animals is a messy job and can be dangerous as well. If you have ever had problems with rodents in your house or business you know they are not tidy guests. Hantavirus has been making some headlines in recent weeks. It is caused by human exposure to feces, urine and… [Read More]

    Cleaning Up After Vermin or Animals
  • Trauma Blood Cleanup

    Scene Clean provides trauma blood cleanup in Minnesota and our services are almost always covered by your insurance. Any traumatic accident has the potential to be a lot of work once the victim has been taken care of. We not only clean scenes that have experienced death but those with tragic circumstances of all natures.… [Read More]

    Trauma Blood Cleanup
  • Minnesota Tear Gas Cleanup

    Minnesota Tear Gas Cleanup is a very time-consuming and tedious process. The reasons for using tear gas are eventful enough why trust the cleanup to just anyone? Let the professionals at Scene Clean take care of the mess for you. Tear gas is almost always covered by insurance, call Scene Clean first and let us… [Read More]

    Minnesota Tear Gas Cleanup
  • Minnesota Suicide Cleanup

    Suicide cleanup often leads to a second traumatic event to the family or friend that attempts to clean up the scene. Suicide is a devastating event for family and friends and the cleanup should be handled by professionals to make sure it is done properly; our services are almost always covered by insurance. Depending on… [Read More]

    Minnesota Suicide Cleanup
  • Infectious Disease Cleanup

    Infectious Disease cleanup services start with Scene Clean.  Infectious Diseases are everywhere these days. Seems as though every time you turn on the TV you see reports of some epidemic. As the world grows in size and new diseases and illness grabs the population the problem will only get worse. Think about it though…… You… [Read More]

    Infectious Disease Cleanup
  • Crime Scene Cleanup

    Crime Scene Cleanup, otherwise known as CTS decon, is a relatively new profession. Regardless, at Scene Clean of Minnesota we take our job very seriously. We are much more than a simple cleaning company, as our goal is to ensure that dangerous and severe messes are completely removed. Scene Clean provides crime scene cleaning services… [Read More]

    Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Squad Car Cleanup

    Squad car cleanup is not something most cops like to do. Scene Clean offers free squad car cleanup to all the metro area police depts. as well as jail cell cleaning. You have two options for squad car cleanup; we come to you or you come to us. Either way we will professionally clean the… [Read More]

    Squad Car Cleanup
  • Minnesota Hoarding Cleanup

    Hoarding clean up in MN? You need Scene Clean, Inc. We were featured recently on KSTP Channel 5,  Fox 9 News, and KARE 11, as the Twin Cities hoarding cleanup professionals and have joined forces with the MN Hoarding Task Force to help create resources for this disorder. We are Minnesota’s most established and professional hoarding cleanup company.… [Read More]

    Minnesota Hoarding Cleanup
  • Automobiles

    At Scene Clean of Minnesota we perform bio-decontamination cleaning services for cars and trucks besides buildings and scenes. This includes services for blood and body fluids due to accidents, suicides and deaths or injuries inside a car. Currently we will only perform these types of services at the location of the body shop or wrecking… [Read More]

  • Apartment Contract Services

    Are you in charge of apartment contract services? Have you ever had a late night call about a crime in your complex? How about the family that calls you because their loved one has not been seen in a while only for you to discover a decomposing body? Apartments by nature have a higher volume… [Read More]

    Apartment Contract Services
  • Natural Death Cleanup

      Scene Clean provides death cleanup and decontamination services in all of Minnesota and our services are almost always covered by insurance. Sometimes when people die in a natural death it is not always a peaceful passing in bed. There can be diseases which cause a person to die naturally such as a GI bleed… [Read More]

    Natural Death Cleanup

Crime Scene Clean Up in Minnesota

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