Cleaning a crime scene requires containing, removing, cleaning, and disinfecting the area of any dangerous biological material. Due to the sensitive and dangerous nature of crime scene cleaning, hiring a team of experienced biohazard professionals will ensure the scene is cleaned quickly and correctly. However, you should never start cleaning a scene before the police release the scene. Once the scene is released by police, you can begin the next steps in getting the affected area remediated.

Scene Release Is Needed Before Cleaning a Crime Scene

The length of time it takes for a scene release depends on the police and what occurred at the scene. Scene Clean can start cleaning a crime scene as soon as a few hours after the crime was committed. We have team members ready to go 24/7, so we’re always here whenever you give us a call.

Crime Cleaning Scene

However, this length of time depends on the police department. There are some situations where the police department needs additional time to process the scene. This is referred to as crime scene processing, where the police take forensic evidence and documentation to figure out what happened at the scene. There are specific protocols the authorities have to follow when processing a scene, which can sometimes cause delays.

While the police are processing the scene, they’ll take samples of bodily fluids, blood, and photographs. Nobody will be allowed to enter the room until the police have finished processing the scene.

However, if the police haven’t released the scene yet, you can still give Scene Clean a call and we’ll take your information. If you know the police will release the crime scene soon, we will be ready to start cleaning the affected area as soon as the police release the area and leave.

Commercial vs. Residential Property

Another thing that affects the length of time it takes to get started cleaning a crime scene is the type of property where the crime happened. Sometimes, residential properties can take a little longer to begin cleaning up. This is because homeowners insurance companies will sometimes send an insurance adjuster out to the area to see the scene.

However, this isn’t always the case; some insurance companies will process the claim without needing to send an adjuster out to the scene. If an insurance adjuster isn’t sent out to the home, our team will send over documentation to the insurance company.

Sometimes, commercial properties can take a little longer to remediate compared to residential properties. This is because the areas in commercial buildings are often larger, providing more room for possible contamination. Most residential properties have smaller rooms compared to commercial properties, which help to contain blood splatter and bodily fluids.

Crime or Accident Cleaning

The length of time it takes for Scene Clean to start cleaning up a scene also depends on if a crime or accident happened. If there wasn’t a crime, such as a suicide, our team can get in to start cleaning within a few hours. How long it takes for our team to start cleaning up a crime scene is heavily dependent on how long it takes for the police department to release the scene.

Crime Scene Cleaning

How to Find Help Cleaning a Crime Scene

If you or a loved one have recently been the victim of a crime in your home, you’ll want to remove as much of the damage as you can as quickly as possible. It’s important to not attempt to clean the affected area until the scene has been released. Whenever you’re ready to get started cleaning a crime scene, contact Scene Clean as soon as possible.