Scene Clean offers a distressed sale program as an option for family members who are unable or unwilling to manage a property. There are many benefits to utilizing this program, especially for family members who had an unattended death. This is a no-obligation program offered by Scene Clean to local Minnesota residents.

What Is A Distressed Sale Program?

Scene Clean offers the distressed sale program to clients which allows parties to get rid of a home or property, and remove the property from their care entirely. If the home has a lot of damage, there’s a large financial responsibility left by the individual who passed. If family members are out of state, or if family isn’t interested in caring for additional property, a distressed sales program will sell the home.

The great thing about this program is there is no need to clean the home before it’s sold. There’s very minimal cost associated with using this program, which is a great option for families who are financially strained.

Advantages of This Program

There are several advantages that come with utilizing the program offered by Scene Clean. Homes in a distressed sale often sell quickly. This means you won’t have to wait around for weeks or months, getting caught up in a huge real estate mess. If you want to get rid of the property quickly, this program is a wonderful option to look into.

Sale Distressed Program

Many people reach out to take advantage of this program because it gives homeowners a way to pay off large amounts of financial debt. If your loved one passed and left a large amount of debt, selling the home in this program is a quick way to pay off that debt.

In addition, a lot of people choose to use this program because the home doesn’t need to be fixed up to be sold. With the current real estate market, a lot of homes need to be in move-in ready condition. However, with a distressed sale, the home can have problems and doesn’t have to be completely cleaned up for it to go on sale. If you don’t have the funds to pay for remediation after an accident or death, a distressed sale is the way to go.

Who Should Consider It

There are a selection group of people who may want to consider taking advantage of this program. Firstly, it’s important to know this program is only available for people living in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. However, if you are living in this area and you want to get rid of the property, there are a couple more things you should consider.

This program is a great opportunity for homes inhabited with a hoard. Many family members and often homeowners will choose to sell their house through this program, as there’s no need to clean anything up before the house is sold.

You may also want to consider selling the home or property if you’re a loved one who inherited it in death. If the home was remediated after an accident or death, the memories attached to the home can be too overwhelming for you to want to deal with the property. That’s where Scene Clean steps in and can help you get rid of the property. If the home is unwanted, in bad shape, or in need of a quick sale, our distressed sale program is a great option.

Program Distressed Sale

Taking Action On Scene Clean’s Distressed Sale Program

There’s a lot to think about and do after the loss of your loved one. However, Scene Clean offers the distressed sale program to help grieving families sort through the responsibility left on their shoulders after their loss. Tragic memories, huge financial responsibilities, and property management all add a ton of extra stress. Call Scene Clean today to learn more about our distressed sale program and how we can help you.