Cleaning up bloodSuicide Cleanup in Minneapolis-St Paul is one of the many services Scene Clean of Minnesota provides. As Minnesota’s leading crime and trauma scene cleaning company we bring over 75 years of experience to you 24/7 all over Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Suicides are a horrible experience for all involved, no doubt about that, so don’t allow yourself to go through more trauma by hiring a jack of all trades company versus Scene Clean. Our only focus is to provide the highest quality bio hazard cleanup following the strict OSHA regulations and do not cut corners. All our responses require at minimum one trained technician with a background in public safety for at least 3 years. We are the only company who provides this level of service and training and our quality of work shows with every scene we clean. On top of our top notch cleaning services we provide chaplains to friends and family members upon request. Again, Scene Clean is not a cleaning company but rather the 4th tier in the public safety system.

Our quality and services are unmatched, you trusted us when you called 911 now trust us afterwards.