Cleaning bodily fluids after an accident, suicide or death should never be attempted by an untrained professional. Vomit, feces, blood, urine, semen and other bodily fluids are biohazards that pose certain health risks if there’s direct content with these fluids.

A professional biohazard cleaning team is needed to remove the fluids and eliminate all of the bacteria or contagins that can be found within these fluids. Hiring a dedicated biohazard cleaning team will also ensure you and your family are protected from the dangers of biohazards.

Cleaning Gross Surface Contents

Before any chemicals or solutions are used on the affected area, the bodily fluids need to be removed or pre-washed. By pre-washing an area, there’s a reduction in the biofilm caused by cellular activity, which allows the disinfectant to work better and clean more effectively.

At Scene Clean, our team always removes any biohazard from the area before we begin cleaning bodily fluids. We perform a thorough inspection and measure the contamination level in the area using an ATP test. Since blood and bodily fluids are liquid, they can easily soak into surrounding areas, like floors, walls, and furniture. An ATP test measures for the levels of adenosine triphosphate, which is an enzyme inside of all living cells. This test measures the level of contamination by measuring the amount of this enzyme in an area.

If there is any contamination of fluids in these areas, we’re careful to remove the containment areas before we begin using cleaner. For example, any biohazard exposed on carpeted areas can’t be properly cleaned or disinfected. Since carpet is absorbent, the exposed area will need to be removed before the next steps of cleaning bodily fluids can go on.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has strict regulations for how biohazards need to be packaged and disposed of. In addition, there’s strict guidelines on personal protective equipment that needs to be worn by all individuals cleaning an area. This is to eliminate the risk of exposure and dangers that come with cleaning any biohazards.

Using Cleaner For Cleaning Bodily Fluids

Once the gross surface contents are removed from the area, it’s time to use cleaner. Every chemical and disinfectant in the world provides instructions on how to properly prep the area before using the cleaner. In most cases, the cleaner states that as much of the containment should be removed from the surface before the cleaner is introduced. The cleaner will work to cut through any biofilm left in the area that wasn’t picked up from the gross surface cleaning. Rest assured; Scene Clean will clean and deodorize the entire affected area to prepare it for disinfecting every time.

Products Cleaning Bodily Fluids


To ensure all of the potential biohazards in an area are properly removed and remediated, Scene Clean disinfects the affected area. This is to ensure the risk of spreading infection and biohazard growth are eliminated. Scene Clean uses industrial chemicals to kill specific bacteria and diseases, as there isn’t one type of cleaner that can be used to kill all potential pathogens.

Once the disinfection process is finished, Scene Clean uses an ATP testing unit to see if there’s any bacteria or pathogens left in the area. If the area doesn’t pass Scene Clean’s standards of cleaning, our team will re-do the entire process until the affected area passes our cleaning standard.

Fluids Bodily Cleaning Surface

Biohazard Experts Needed for Cleaning Bodily Fluids

Even the smallest biohazard exposures require the professional inspection and remediation of biohazard experts. It’s imperative you contact a professional biohazard cleaning company to remove dangerous pathogens and bacteria from the affected area. Here at Scene Clean, we’re here to clean up after a traumatic event so you don’t have to.

Hiring a professional team to remove the bodily fluids and remediate the area will ensure you keep yourself and your loved ones protected. Before you try cleaning bodily fluids by yourself, contact Scene Clean today.