Scene Clean Is your Minneapolis/St. Paul provider for stolen car recovery cleanup.

Statistics show that every 6.5 minutes a car is stolen in the US. In 2020 that number has skyrocketed. Often times when the car is recovered by the police there are hidden dangers inside that auto body professionals should be careful of. Syringes, drugs, weapons, methamphetamine residue and fentanyl are a few that we run into on a very regular basis.

Our auto body, mechanic and dealership clients rely on our expertise to minimize their staff and their clients exposure to these potentially harmful issues. Over half the cars we mitigate for our clients have obvious signs of meth and or fentanyl contamination and we highly recommend if there are signs that cars be tested for contamination before any work is done. If you are unsure give us a call and we will be happy to assist any way we can.

Unlike a home, even the smallest level of drug contamination can be serious for the safety of people. The compact space we all spend hours inside a week magnifies the issues and can lead an acceleration of health issues from exposure to toxins found in these drugs.

Most car insurance will cover the costs to have our services performed. Let the professionals handle your MN stolen car recovery cleanup.