This month I was featured in the “First Person” section of Minnesota Monthly. For those of you from Minnesota, or have any knowledge of this great state,  you are well aware of Minnesota Monthly’s presence. It was an honor to be asked, and it was a lot of fun.

minnesota_monthly_logoFrom every doctor’s office to every waiting area in the state, the publication is all over. After all, it IS the state’s magazine, showing glimpses of the culture, food, entertainment, and life in Minnesota. This past January, I received an email from Quinton Skinner, the magazines senior editor, requesting an interview and pitching the idea of this article to me. Of course I had to think about this interview for a whole second before I committed to it! I’m so glad I did, what a great experience.

I met Quinton in the downtown office. I noticed right away that speaking with him wasn’t like other interviews I have had in the past. Quinton was like hanging with the boys around the campfire. I was being interviewed without being interviewed, I loved it.

Next up was Jeremy Nelson, the senior art director and photographer Kelly Loverud. Luckily it was a nice and warm day relatively speaking considering it was January in MN. Anyone who knows Minnesota Monthly, Scene Cleanme knows I am not into taking pictures of myself. Kelly was like a wizard behind the camera taking full advantage of every angle. All this while at the same time dodging the children and their parents getting out of the school next door. It’s not everyday you see a guy wearing a blue hazmat suit, posing for a guy standing on a ladder, in the middle of a Minneapolis street.

Again, like Quinton, it was like hanging with some friends telling stories, laughing and it made photo time a piece of cake.

A week ago the issue arrived in the mail and I was blown away at how the article turned out, and amazed at how the photo turned out. I can honestly say that this experience was hands down my favorite interview/media opportunity to date. In case you have not seen the article you can visit it here. 

Thanks again to Quinton, Jeremy, and Kelly you guys are awesome!


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