Fentanyl Cleaning Process in Minnesota

If you are faced with the potential of needing Fentanyl cleanup you are probably overwhelmed and have many questions. at Scene Clean we have helped many homeowners faced with the cleanup of fentanyl. I’ll try to give you a bird’s eye view of the process and hopefully, this article will help you.
Fentanyl is an extremely dangerous drug. Since we have been in business, we have seen this drug go from not even being on the radar to being at the forefront of the next wave of drug remediation in the country.
What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a synthetic narcotic in either a liquid or powder/pill format. It was designed for cancer patients but rapidly became a way to bring in huge profits for drug dealers.
It’s so dangerous and can be laced into any other drug potentially creating a fatal outcome within seconds depending on how it’s ingested.

• It is 50 times more powerful than Heroin
• 100 times more powerful than Morphine

Unlike Meth, our government doesn’t have a real clear guideline in the cleanup process and what safe or unsafe levels of Fentanyl are for a human.

Last fall we were called to clean up a murder. It was during the initial consult with the property owner I noticed some subtle signs of potential drug usage and manufacturing in the home. Starting with the fact the home was clean other than the murder scene area. It smelled of bleach and most all of the contents were gone. The murder happened in the evening before and overnight the renter cleaned up the home and removed all his contents.

I suggested we take a step back and felt the signs I saw warranted a test for meth and fentanyl. The owner agreed and the test came back from the independent lab as positive for fentanyl, some areas tested were at very dangerous levels.
Had she not allowed us to test first an unknowing person could have been killed just by removing the carpet in the home.

With a fentanyl home we are worried about common touch points and low as the powder will fall. It’s pretty much the opposite with meth, especially if the meth contamination was due to smoking versus usage. Smoke rises to our concern and becomes common touch point and up.

General overview of our process:
1. Pre-clean test to determine the level of contamination and how much we need to clean or areas we don’t need to clean.
2. Create negative pressure in the home or areas being cleaned and contain the fentanyl from cross-contaminating other unaffected areas.
3. Remove contents and dispose of many of the contents that are not cleanable such as furniture, carpet.
4. The most detailed HPA vacuuming you can imagine
5. Apply a neutralizer to the structure to try to neutralize as much of the fentanyl as possible.
6. Apply a special cleaner to the whole area
7. Rinse the entire area
8. Post-testing to verify the work is either complete or needs additional washings.

The process can take several weeks and a lot of labor hours to complete. Sometimes homeowners’ insurance will cover the cost under certain circumstances.

Never attempt to cleanup a property with a fentanyl exposure without proper training. Contact the true professionals at Scene Clean.

Statistics of Fentanyl Deaths are staggering