In the wake of violent or drug-related crime and scene investigation, property owners are left with the messy aftermath. From blood and body fluid to toxic chemicals, the burden of crime scene cleanup is more than emotionally and mentally exhausting – it’s physically dangerous.

For these reasons and more, post-investigation decontamination is best left to trained professionals. They are armed with the personal protective equipment and expertise to safely sanitize your property from body fluids and biohazards without spreading deadly contaminants.

Crime Scenes Are Messy

One of the most obvious outcomes of a homicidal crime is a mess of body fluids or biohazards left behind. Depending on how the murder occurred, there’s a high potential for blood spatter to spread much further throughout a room than expected.

Blood, in particular, can easily spray across hard-to-reach surfaces or leak into porous materials, causing permanent staining and odors.

Cleaning Crime Scenes Is Dangerous

A crime involving body fluids requires biohazard decontamination to remove potential pathogens that could infect those who come into contact with it.

Both violent incidents and drug-related crime paraphernalia present these perils, as touching the remnants without using personal protective equipment (PPE) could easily contaminate your hands and pose a potential risk of pathogen infection.

Furthermore, “cooking” methamphetamine releases dangerous fumes that can settle into textiles, stick to walls, and sink into carpets, leaving behind a volatile chemical mix that requires specialized meth lab crime scene cleanup.

Crime Scene Cleanup Is Mentally Taxing

Knowing that your home or business is the scene of a violent crime can affect your mental health, often inciting feelings of panic, anxiety, or fear that will take some time to process.

These feelings only worsen if the victim is a loved one, and you’re left to bear the burden of scrubbing away the body fluids or biohazards of a processed crime scene.

Professional crime scene cleanup teams can take this emotionally scarring task off your shoulders, leaving you the space to grieve and plan for the next steps in peace.

Professional Cleaning Protects Property Values

Crime Scenes Are MessyIf and when there comes a time that you’re looking to sell the property where the crime occurred, a do-it-yourself (DIY) crime scene cleanup will likely cause potential buyers to hesitate and property values to plummet.

The thought of your property being a crime scene is hard enough to overcome, but having to live with the lingering traces will be far too stark of a reminder of the property’s history.

Improper crime scene cleanup also has the potential to cause structural damage, as body fluids could soak down into the subfloor, causing mold and mildew.

Professionals Have Access to the Proper Personal Protective Equipment and Chemicals

Biohazards and meth lab chemical mixes tend to “disappear” visually after a rudimentary washing up, making it appear as if the mess is gone.

Even after scrubbing with ordinary household cleaners like bleach, the individual chemical elements in these materials may stay behind, invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, having the proper personal protective equipment is critical to their safety from these biohazards.

Luminol, a common resource in crime scene investigations, is proof of this, as it can react to the iron in blood and body fluids long after cleaning up the visible evidence.

In reality, crime scene remnants are exceedingly difficult to remove entirely without employing specialized detergents. These professional-grade cleaning products have formulations designed to neutralize pathogens and biohazards.

Professional Cleaning Services Follows Laws and Regulations

The aftermath of a violent or drug-related crime requires working closely with law enforcement to ensure they have wholly processed the scene. In some cases, this can take days or weeks.

Additionally, mishaps with crime scene cleanup can lead to legal implications, including accusations of evidence tampering or obstructing justice.

Often, this is because cleaning up body fluids can transfer DNA evidence from one area of your property to the other, blurring the developing picture of what occurred and who the perpetrator might be.

Professional crews can easily navigate the bureaucracy of post-crime processing, serving as a liaison between law enforcement and property owners to get the job done as soon as possible.

Professional Cleaning Saves Time and Effort

In the vast majority of cases, people call professional crime scene cleanup crews because they are in the midst of dealing with a deeply traumatic incident.

The stress of processing your loss, working with police, and making final arrangements for your loved one is unfathomable, only made worse by the evidence left behind in your home.

Post-crime scene cleanup services recognize that sanitizing the scene from biohazards is a crucial first step in returning to normalcy. As such, they will work quickly and compassionately to help make your home a safe space to mourn.

Let Us Handle Your Professional Crime Scene Cleanup in Minneapolis

Let Us Handle Your Professional Crime Scene Cleanup in Minneapolis

Crime scene cleanup requires well-trained professionals with the tools and expertise to get it done efficiently. Scene Clean is dedicated to helping our Minneapolis neighbors and law enforcement officers process, decontaminate, and restore crime scenes with the utmost professionalism. We work discreetly to ensure the work is done correctly while removing biohazards and body fluids. We want to make it as stress-free for the victim’s family as possible.

Should you ever require our crime scene cleanup services, help is only a phone call or service request away. Contact Scene Clean today to get started.