Biohazardous materials can be extremely dangerous to any human that is nearby. If you find a biohazard in your home, it can be alarming. However, what should you do to protect your family from these biohazards? 

You’re in luck. We have compiled a complete guide to help protect you and your family from biohazards in the home, whether it’s human or animal. With the help of Scene Clean’s biohazard experts, you should be able to avoid any illnesses and unclean atmospheres in your home. Let’s read on to learn more.

 What Is a Biohazard? 

A biohazard incident is not an ordinary household mess, and occurs when something spills or leaks that could cause harm to our environment and humans. Biohazards often include microorganisms, such as:

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  • Bodily fluids
  • Human blood
  • Unfixed tissue or organs
  • HIV-containing cell or tissue cultures
  • Organ cultures
  • And more

Biohazards are generally well-contained and don’t pose a threat. However, an accidental spill, leak, or discovery of unattended remains can be dangerous to those around it. The best way to deal with a biohazard in your home is to call the proper authorities, report it, and allow a professional biohazard team to clean up your house. 

Common Home Biohazards

Although there are several different types of biohazards, some are more common in homes than others. You are not as likely to find laboratory waste as you are to find pests or bodily fluids in your home. Here are some of the most common home biohazards.

Animal Waste 

The most common home biohazard is animal waste. Whether this is from small pests like rats or larger animals that have found their way into your home, it’s considered biohazardous and should be removed. If you find animal remains in your house, calling a professional is even more important.

Human Bodily Fluids

Of course, human bodily fluids, like human remains or large amounts of blood, are considered biohazardous and extremely dangerous. If you discover this in your home, call the authorities immediately.

Infectious or Pathological Waste

Although it is much less common, you might find infectious or pathological waste in your home. If you’ve just moved in, human or other types of waste might be considered infectious. Although this biohazardous material is usually only found post-surgery, it could be from a previous resident in your home.


Sharps are used needles or sharp objects infected with human tissue or blood. These can be anything from a used insulin injector or another form of a medical needle. However, they are biohazardous materials and should be disposed of properly after use.

How to Deal With a Biohazard in Your Home

If you’ve found a biohazard in your home, there are a few steps you should take to deal with it safely. You must not attempt to remove the substance, but instead, wait for a professional. Remove your family to safety and allow trained biohazard experts to deal with the issue. 

Here are the steps to dealing with a hazardous substance in your home. Once you find it, you should take these steps immediately to avoid further contamination or illness, and protect your family from hazardous substances. 

Identifying and Reporting a Biohazard

Unfortunately, not all biohazards are easy to spot. While a large pool of blood or bodily fluids can be obvious, animal droppings might be in your home for a while before you begin to notice. The longer a biohazard remains in your home, the more toxic and dangerous it becomes. 

If you think there might be an issue, deal with it before it gets dangerous. Keeping yourself and your family safe from bacteria and pathogens is more important than putting off a call. Call a local clean-up company to ensure that your home is safe as soon as you suspect the presence of a biohazard.

Stay Away From the Mess

The first step is to avoid the biohazard entirely. You should take your family members, pets, and any living creature to a different house until the mess is completely cleaned. It’s crucial to avoid the mess and report it to the police or neighborhood organization once you are safely out of the house.

Hire a Professional Biohazard Company 

Because it’s best to stay away from biohazard, the only way to ensure that it gets cleaned properly is to hire a professional biohazard remediation company. A company like this is trained in every type of biohazard and can quickly and efficiently clean up any hazardous materials. 

When cleaning up a biohazard spill, wearing hazmat suits and proper safety equipment is required. There are certain procedures to ensure that every particle gets cleared and the area is completely safe for living creatures again. Professional remediation companies can do this and are often covered by home or health insurance policies. 

A professional company will clean up the various biohazards and check the walls, floor, and air for remaining particles. Because many biohazards are pathogens and invisible to the naked eye, it’s crucial to call a professional team for help identifying and safely cleaning all of the biohazards in your home.

Come Home to a Clean House

With a professional team in your home, making sure that it’s safe for you to return to, you can rest assured that your family will be safe once everything is clean. You can bring your children and pets back into the home without worrying about lingering safety or health issues due to the biohazard. 

Many biohazard remedial companies offer a post-cleanup check-in system to ensure your home remains safe and clean after removing the original biohazard. If you are worried about pests or leaks returning, you can schedule another appointment with the company for complete peace of mind.

Your Family Will Be Safe From Biohazards With Scene Clean

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Although biohazards are inherently dangerous, there are ways to avoid them and clean them up safely. Once you’ve removed yourself and your family from the area and hired a professional team to eliminate the toxic substance, you don’t have to worry about biohazards in your home. 

The best way to keep your family safe is to check for biohazards and hire professionals. Contact Scene Clean today to ensure your home is safe and you can live without fear of ongoing health issues for you and your family.