How much does it cost to cleanup blood or biohazards? Its the typically the first thing most people want to know when they call and ask for help with out company. Its a great questions and one that is not a straight forward answer. Many factors are involved when determining an estimate of cost. Out line of work had a lot of hidden hazards or damages and so its not uncommon for us to only be able to estimate based off what we can see and have supplements or adjustments afterwards.

Many do not realize homeowners insurance often covers the cost to mitigate biohazards in a home and the days of having to get multiple bids is no longer the case. One reason is the actual costs are typically time and material based because of the hidden damages that are common so giving someone a quote versus an estimate is risky for all parties. second, any insurance based restoration company s familiar with the pricing structure used in the industry, similar to going to the doctor we send a bill to the insurance provider for reimbursement.