How a decomposing body affects a home depends on when the person died, how long they were left unattended, and the condition of the home. The emotional distress of finding out that your loved one or family member passed away in your home is taxing, which is one of the reasons why you should reach out to a professional biohazard cleaning company. Hiring a team of professionals will protect you and your family from the additional emotional trauma of cleaning. In addition, hiring a professional team will protect your family from the health dangers that come with biohazardous contamination.

Bug Activity Increases and Spreads Dangerous Pathogens

In warmer summer weather, fly activity is at a heightened level. The flies inside of a home will eat at the body. After they’re finished eating at the body, the flies will deposit the tissue they’ve eaten. As the flies move around and deposit tissue around the home, they contaminate the area with diseases, bacteria, viruses, and dangerous pathogens.

As more flies move around, there’s an increased chance of dangerous pathogens spreading and infecting the entire home. Cleaning up pathogens after an unattended death is a meticulous job, and requires special equipment to measure the levels of contaminants in each room of the home.

In addition, eliminating the risk of transmission is only possible when trained professionals have the knowledge and necessary equipment to keep themselves safe. Hiring a trained team of professionals will clean up the exposure in every room in the house, keeping any other members in the home safe from transmission.

A Decomposing Body Affect a Home’s Odor

Odors from a decomposing body easily move around a house when there’s an air conditioning unit or furnace on. These odors can easily move around an entire house and broadcast throughout the entire home.

When biohazards soak in the materials used to build a home, the strong odors of a decomposing body absorb into the structure. Even if biohazards from the decomposing body are visually cleaned up, it doesn’t mean the entire scene is truly clean. There are strong odors that can remain absorbed in the building after a clean done by someone untrained in biohazard cleanups. Leaving the unattended death scene for a biohazard professional to clean up ensures all of the odors are removed from the structure of the home.

Porous Materials Absorb Biohazardous Materials

If biohazards and blood stains aren’t cleaned up properly, permanent damage to the home can occur. Porous materials inside of a home, such as couches, carpets, and flooring easily absorb blood and other bodily fluids. The longer an unattended death sits in a home, there’s higher chances of permanent damage.

Stains from bodily fluids cause discoloration and stains on porous materials. However, bodily fluids and blood stains also weaken the structure of certain materials, which can cause further damage to the surrounding area. The faster a blood spill or fluids from the body are cleaned up, the less damage these biohazardous materials will cause.

Understanding How a Decomposing Body Affects a Home

The cleanup after a decomposing body is discovered can be dangerous and emotionally taxing. Hiring the service of a professional cleanup team ensures every biohazardous material is removed from the home and makes sure you’re able to focus on emotionally processes the loss of your family member or loved one.

Our team at Scene Clean is ready to take the burden of cleaning up the trauma for you, which is why we’re available whenever you call. If you’re unsure of how a decomposing body can affect a home, reach out to Scene Clean today for help and answers.