When you were signing up for your homeowners insurance policy, you likely weren’t thinking to see if the insurance covers death cleanup. Unfortunately, accidents and death can occur on a property, but without the funds to clean up what’s left, it can put you in a difficult situation. Thankfully, there are opportunities for people to receive help cleaning up an unattended death, even if their insurance company doesn’t cover it. You’ve already been through a traumatic event and it’s easier to care for a death cleanup if your insurance company covers the costs.

When Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Death Cleanup?

Yes, there are some insurance companies out there that do cover the costs of a death cleanup. Around 98% of the individuals who hire Scene Clean for a death cleanup are covered by their homeowners insurance.
Death Cleanup Insurance Cover

To find out if your policy has an unattended death cleanup coverage, call up the policyholder. Knowing if you do have this on your homeowners insurance and what exactly the policy covers is vital before you hire a biohazard cleaning company. This is because some insurance policies only cover the cost of the body removal, but don’t cover the cost of remediation. In addition, if there’s damage left on the property as a result of body fluids or decomposition, you need to know if the insurance company will pay to cover the damages.

Knowing all of the information before you begin to seek out a biohazard company to perform a death cleanup on your property is essential. This will ensure you’re able to afford the cost of a cleanup without anything having to come out of your pocket. Also, it’ll give you the opportunity to budget different costs as you’re looking around at different biohazard companies in your area.

Who May Not Qualify for Their Insurance Covers Death Cleanup

Not every person who has a homeowners insurance policy has a death cleanup coverage option. There are some homeowners insurances that don’t provide this as a policy option. Typically, it’s cheaper insurance policies that only offer protection from hail, storms, and wind damage. Sometimes, an insurance company will allow you to add on a death cleanup coverage policy option onto your pre-existing policy.

If you don’t qualify for insurance coverage, we recommend that you look into organizations offering financial assistance. You could also consider a distressed sale, which would remove the responsibility of the property from your hands in a sale. However, we would advise that you stay away from any companies or individuals claiming they won’t charge you for any cleanup costs; there’s often a scam attached with these claims.

If you don’t have insurance that provides an unattended death cleanup cover, there’s still hope. Scene Clean provides an affordable rate, even if you don’t have insurance helping you to cover the costs.

Finding a Good Biohazard Company to Clean Up

Once you’re sure you have your insurance company’s coverage for the death cleanup, it’s time to find a trustworthy biohazard company that’ll clean up for you. You should not attempt to clean the area yourself, as there’s special tools and solutions a good biohazard cleaning company uses to sanitize and disinfect the affected area.

Cover Death Insurance Cleanup

Get Help With the Unattended Death Cleanup Today

Scene Clean focuses on providing quality, fast, and discreet service to all of the families that work with us. Our biohazard remediation process includes testing, cleanup, removal, sanitization, decontamination, and re-testing to ensure the entire area is clean. Whether or not you know your homeowners insurance will cover death cleanup, contact Scene Clean today for help with a death cleanup.