At Scene Clean, we are often asked about additional resources for aid in the grieving process after a trauma, crime, or unexpected death. While we are not those that can actively assist with this part of your journey, we wanted to comprise a list of resources for those seeking healing.

NAMI is a fantastic organization in Minnesota that offers a lot of mental health resources:

Nami Helps

For those seeking some help privately with coping with grief, this collection of TED Talks is available:

5 TED talks on coping with grief

Small group work can be beneficial, as it allows you to commiserate with those that might be experiencing something similar, use this link to find different options:

Grief Support Groups

Nora Borealis-McInerny is a local woman that is incredibly frank and funny, and is making a real impact in MN and beyond. Her trademark wit is making a space for her and others experiencing grief, to express themselves truthfully, and be part of a community of survivors. You’ll find articles, podcast info, and her book here: