Golden Valley of Hennepin County, Minnesota is one unlike any other ordinary city. It is a thriving suburb, just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. For its headlining features, the main offices of General Mills as well as Pentair are located here. The small population of about 25,000 people live in peace here. Golden Valley is just outside of Minneapolis, and not far from Scene Clean, which is located in Osseo, MN. Much like another Minnesota suburbs – Shakopee, Eden Prairie, Coon Rapids, White Bear Lake, crime rate here too is very low. The city is a part of the metropolitan area, but still has been infrequently touched by crimes of a traumatic nature requiring aid of Golden Valley crime scene cleanup services and Scene Clean, Inc.

If you live in the Golden Valley area, clean up services like Scene Clean’s are usually not needed, and thankfully so. If a crime has been committed to create bodily harm, there is a dire need for clean up services. This is the time to call Scene Clean. After such a crime has been reported, the police spring up into action in order to isolate the scene and retrieve any possible evidence that could lead in the determination of the course of events. When it all gets done the scene is released, and there comes the task of proper cleaning up. Now even if the victim was unknown to the owner of the premises, it would still be necessary to clean up the aftermath, which often may have blood cells, tissue, gunshot residue, etc. used to harm self or another, such as methamphetamine or tear gas residue.

The technicians and bio-hazard experts with Scene Clean Inc. have accumulative experience amounting to over 100 years in public safety and clean up, and they can provide the best services to Golden Valley Crime Scene Cleanup in no time. All one needs to do is to call them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We can help. 612.643.0911 or fill out the form below.

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