crime scene cleaners in protective gear

When a crime occurs in your home, office, store, or other building, you will have to deal with a lot of emotional and logistical issues. Ensuring that the crime scene is completely clean may not seem like a priority when you’re dealing with the trauma of the event, but failing to do so can cause further problems. At Scene Clean, Inc., our team of expert crime scene cleaners is trained to look beyond the surface and get rid of all contaminants as quickly as possible.

Occasionally, people will ask us what exactly the job entails that requires such attention to detail. The answer is fairly simple – there are many more potential issues than the ones that you see on the surface. The process involves far more than the simple mopping up of blood. Here are two of the most common issues that you may not have thought of, but which can cause serious problems if not remedied properly:

Corroded and Warped Wood

If any amount of blood, bodily fluids, or chemicals were spilled at the scene of the crime, most people understandably want them gone immediately. Unfortunately, wooden floors contain cracks and can easily absorb the liquids or let them pass to lower floors. If left unchecked, this can cause the wood to warp, corrode, and release very unpleasant smells. To prevent this, our team will investigate every possible location the substances could have spread and completely remove them.

Bodily Deterioration can cause Damage

If a significant amount of time has passed between the death of a person and the time that the body is discovered, decomposition will have begun. This process can start mere hours after a person passes, breaking down tissues and creating dangerous gases and liquids. These liquids, as well as the odors they create, can seep into furniture, floors, walls, and other parts of the building. Simply removing the body will not stop the smell or get rid of stains. Our team will scour the entire area where the body was found and remove all traces of what has occurred.

Have you had the misfortune to need crime scene cleaners, but haven’t been completely satisfied with the work that was done? If you find that unwanted scents or other problems continue to linger, contact Scene Clean, Inc. today to receive the assistance of a team that knows how to permanently solve your issues.