Choosing the right crime scene cleanup company

7 Steps to choosing the right crime scene cleanup company

Choosing the right crime scene cleanup company in Minnesota is important for obvious reasons. To start, we always recommend you find a local company. This can be a little tricky but do some research. Here are 7 steps you can use to find the right company for you whether that company is Scene Clean or not.

  1. Do they use a local phone number in their marketing? Many referral companies use 800 phone numbers and simply gather information. Then they farm out customers to a local company and mark up the rates to make a profit for doing nothing by forwarding a client to a local company. Start with companies who have local phone numbers.
  2. Do the have a local address? Don’t be fooled by companies that use an office center mailing address? Anyone can rent a mailing address from a shared office space, this does not make them local. Lookup the address on Google . Is it an office high-rise? If so, where do they decontaminate their equipment? Where do they store their medical waste? Where do their employees cleanup themselves after a job? Where do they store their equipment? These are all clues to a non-local company trying to play off that they are local.
  3. Look for an address based out of a home or a PO Box. You cannot properly follow OSHA regulations when based out of a home. You cannot follow proper regulated waste (medical waste) storage procedures out of a home nor is this business type zoned to be run out of residential zoning. Any business running out of a home probably does not do enough business to support having a commercial space and this should be a huge red flag.
  4. Does the company offer fire and water restoration? If so, then the chances are they only do crime scene cleanup on the side and have limited techs qualified for the work, if any. There are several companies like this in the Minneapolis area. Most of those companies are just not qualified to be doing this important work. Ask how many certified techs they have ON STAFF and what percentage of services are bio-hazard related. Don’t be afraid to ask how many local bio-hazard cleanups they performed in the last 12 months.
  5. Ask how many certified staff are actual employees of the company. There are local companies who hire temporary workers to do this work. Ask how many employees are full-time or part-time. Any company with very limited full-time staff could mean they don’t have enough business to support payroll and may lack the proper experience. Are their staff background checked? Does the company have workers compensation for their staff?
  6. Are they a franchise or independent? Franchise companies are sold to anyone who can afford to pay the fees to buy the franchise. Owning a franchise DOES NOT make you an expert in the industry. Always stay with an independent company.
  7. Do they use insurance industry standards for billing? If they do not use standard software called Xactimate, then the chances are their bill will be subject to items not getting covered and leaves you potentially paying those costs out-of-pocket. Ask how they bill for services rendered.

Today’s consumers are smart, doing your research will help to prevent headaches at a time when you have enough to deal with. Choosing the right crime scene cleanup company starts with knowing what to look for.


Scene Clean, Inc is local based in Osseo, MN inside a commercial building that we own. We are 100% independent and local. We hire trained staff with ongoing training throughout the year. We volunteer to have OSHA come on site to do preventive inspections to ensure we are following the latest rules and regulations.

We are HIPAA compliant meaning we take your confidentiality seriously and have specific training and policies to prevent disclosure of your private information.

All of our staff are actual employees, background checked, covered by workers compensation and experienced. Many of our staff are current or retired police officers, paramedics or firefighters. We have several full-time and part-time employees.

We are dedicated to working with bio-hazards only and do not offer fire or water restoration services. We use industry standard insurance software for billing and have internal custom software to ensure the files we have stay on track and are properly managed.

We are highly rated on Google and prominently display our written testimonials on our website.  We have been featured in over a dozen media outlets such as KARE 11, Fox 9, Minnesota Monthly, MinnPost, 93X, KQ92, Maple Grove Magazine, Sun Post newspapers and even Buzzfeed and the New York Times.

When choosing the right crime scene cleanup company in Minnesota, think Scene Clean, Inc.