Handling a vehicle that has been the scene of a biohazard incident is not only sensitive but also fraught with potential dangers. Without the proper training and tools, it’s challenging to ensure that the vehicle is returned to a safe and usable state. That’s where Scene Clean’s specialized services come into play. We use state-of-the-art methods and equipment to make sure your vehicle is completely clean, disinfected, and free from any biohazardous materials.

vehicle biohazard cleanup

Initial Assessment

Before anything else, the vehicle must be thoroughly evaluated to understand the extent of contamination. In most cases, we prefer that the vehicle be brought to our main shop in Osseo for this assessment. We examine every nook and cranny—seats, carpets, headliner, and trim—so we can tailor our approach to the specific needs of your situation.


The amount of time required to clean a vehicle depends on various factors, including the severity of contamination and the areas affected. Simple surface cleanings may take only a few hours, while more involved cases may require several days to complete. Our professionals will keep you updated on timelines so you can plan accordingly.

Removal of Vehicle Parts

A significant part of our biohazard remediation process often involves removing parts of the vehicle. This may include:


Seats are often detached to facilitate easier cleaning and to provide complete access to the vehicle’s interior for thorough decontamination.

Carpets and Trim

In extreme cases where biohazardous material has deeply penetrated carpets or trim, these parts may be removed and properly disposed of. This ensures that no lingering biohazards remain in the vehicle.

Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Deodorizing

Once we have access to all contaminated areas, we begin the main cleaning phase. Our team uses a variety of advanced solutions and techniques, such as enzymatic cleaners, to break down biological material effectively. The vehicle is then disinfected using EPA-approved chemicals that are tough on pathogens but gentle on vehicle interiors. Last but not least, deodorizing measures are applied to remove any lingering odors.

Final Inspection and Safety Measures

After cleaning, the vehicle undergoes a final inspection. We utilize specialized testing methods to ensure that all biohazardous material has been effectively removed. All disposed-of parts are replaced, and the vehicle is reassembled carefully. As a finishing touch, we make sure to conduct safety checks to ensure everything is securely in place and the vehicle is safe for use once again.


vehicle biohazard cleanup

Scene Clean’s detailed and meticulous process ensures that your vehicle is as good as new, both aesthetically and in terms of safety. Whether it’s a quick cleanup or a more involved procedure requiring the removal of seats, carpets, and trim, we have the expertise to handle all your vehicle biohazard cleanup needs. Trust us to bring your vehicle back to a clean, safe, and usable state. Contact Scene Clean today to learn more about our vehicle biohazard cleanup process.