Most homeowners/business insurance policies DO cover cleanup of blood and body fluids. If in doubt call us first and we will call on your behalf to verify the services are or are not covered. Many times if the insured calls, the agent may not understand the situation and may tell the insured it is not covered when in fact it is. We do use Xactimate software which is an insurance industry standard software so rest assured our fees are in line with industry standards. Besides using Xactimate we have full-time adjusters who work side by side with us to make sure your claim is done right the first time.

If it is covered you will be responsible for the deductible portion of your policy at the time the work is started. If it is not covered we will work with you to help resolve the situation in a way that benefits both of us. Either way you will know up front.

We do accept, cash, check, money orders, and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX). We do charge a convenience fee of 3% for the use of credit cards and we will work with you if payments need to be arranged. DOC we have payment plans available from PayPal.