Cleaning Mistakes

The number one mistake we’ve all made cleaning our homes has nothing to do with the frequency that we clean, or even the products we use.  The number one mistake we’ve all been guilty of, is not allowing our products to do their job.

We spray our cleaner on the surfaces in our home, and then what do we do?  We wipe it up.

“Well I have to wipe it.  It can’t just sit there forever.”

True. We all know we can’t just leave chemicals sitting on our surfaces.  Some surfaces will be damaged if we don’t wipe them dry.  Some surfaces are used and contacted too frequently to leave them wet.  So, what’s the issue?  The issue is, a product cannot do its job instantaneously.  Sure, the label says it will kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, and it will. But your cleaning products cannot achieve 99.99% (otherwise called “Sanitation”) without being allowed to dwell.  If you look closely at the label (usually in fine print on the back) you will see something along the lines of “…use enough for treated surfaces to remain wet for 4 minutes”. And, depending on the virus/bacteria you’re trying to eliminate, it could take up to 10 minutes of continuous, wet contact.  (You’re going to have to come back a few times and spray some more.)  This means that if you don’t keep the surface wet with your cleaning product long enough, you’re not actually achieving the level of clean you think you’re getting.  And you’re certainly not getting the level of cleaning you’re paying for.

Would you have a housekeeper come to clean your kitchen, but tell them to stop after only loading the dishwasher, and still pay them full-price?

In light of all the Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases popping up, it’s important to be informed and adequately protected.  All you need to protect your home is clean hands, and the cleaners you already have.  You just have to use them correctly. Yes, even natural, home-made vinegar cleaners need to be allowed to dwell.

Take it from me.  You know what I clean up for a living?

Remember: Spray, Delay, then Wipe it away.