Murder Scene Cleanup

Murder Scene Cleanup


Murder scene cleanup is traumatizing for all those involved. Many questions linger as to why and how, often times the violence is completely senseless. Regardless of how and why the homicide took place the scene itself needs to be cleaned up professionally. Due to the often violent nature of a murder the amount of blood and body fluids is often overwhelming and unless the person cleaning has experience and a trained eye blood may be missed at the cleanup. Blood missed during the cleanup can lead to odors and potential issues such as bacteria growth and mold.

In a commercial and industrial atmosphere it it illegal to have employees clean up after traumatic events unless the employee has specific bloodborne pathogen training from OSHA. The exposure to body fluids can leave the employer open to liability if the employee should get hurt or sick from exposure to diseases. A murder scene cleanup needs to be done by a professional to minimize the risks involved.

Much like a suicide cleanup a homicide cleanup is not something a family or friend should ever have to be exposed to. Contacts us for help cleaning your scene.

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