Decomposed Body Cleanup

Unattended Death Cleanup

Decomposed body cleanup is one of many jobs we perform at Scene Clean. Of all the jobs this one seems to be the most seasonal and tedious of them all for many reasons. Body decomposition cleanup occurs after a person has died and the body is not found for days, weeks or even months. During the summer months the body tend to decompose faster than the winter months and summer leads to more calls for help at Scene Clean.

The cleanup of a decomposed body is something that MUST be professionally mitigated.  The waste after the cleanup is federally regulated and the safety and health of those who live in the premise after the cleanup depend on a cleanup being done properly.

Body Decomposition CleanupOur professionals understand the various procedures and our team of professionals is structured to be ready to handle the sometimes complex cleanup. The process is like peeling on onion. Each layer must be peeled back until no more evidence of body material is present. this must be done slowly and methodically. Just wiping the surface will never work for these types of cleanup. For safety reasons of the technicians the job must be done slowly and for thoroughly.

At Scene Clean we guarantee our services and will make sure those left behind are safe from diseases and future exposure. Decomposed body cleanup is just one of many services we provide at Scene Clean. Whether you live in metro Minnesota or rural Minnesota we are here to provide you the highest level of service.

Scene Clean; Public safety pros doing the work you should never have to do.

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