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Apartment contract servicesAre you in charge of apartment contract services? Have you ever had a late night call about a crime in your complex? How about the family that calls you because their loved one has not been seen in a while only for you to discover a decomposing body?

Apartments by nature have a higher volume of issues than single family homes and business. Dozens if not hundreds of people go in and out everyday. Crimes, suicides, deaths, and injuries occur everyday and Scene Clean is here to help you. Check out a list of our services for more information.

We perform our services as discreetly as possible and can even do them overnight under the cover of darkness. Our apartment contract services are almost always covered by insurance and we also offer contract pricing for management companies and investors for their real estate portfolios. Remember, bio-hazard cleaning must be done right and can lead to legal troubles under federal law if not handled appropriately.

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