Hoarding and Death Cleanup Together

Hoarding and Death Cleanup Together Scene Clean – “The Public Safety Pros Doing The Work You Shouldn’t Have To.” Scene Clean of Minnesota does run into instances where hoarding clean up and death clean-up are both present. Unfortunately, one of the many hazards of living in a home that has … [Read more...]

Minnesota Monthly

This month I was featured in the "First Person" section of Minnesota Monthly. For those of you from Minnesota, or have any knowledge of this great state,  you are well aware of Minnesota Monthly's presence. It was an honor to be asked, and it was a lot of fun. From every doctor's office to every … [Read more...]

Fox News Hoarding Awareness

Fox News Hoarding awareness Month interview with Scene Clean. Once again Fox 9 news choose to interview us as the state of Minnesota's top hoarding professionals regarding Hoarding Awareness month. Did you know that 20-25% of the metro area along have an issue to some degree with hoarding? This … [Read more...]