Crime Scene Cleanup

Did someone break a window and vandalize your property? Did squatters ruin your rental property? Was your home or business the scene of a crime that was only made worse by the mess left behind by the police department doing their investigation?

This is a job for a professional crime scene cleanup company.

Crime Scene CleanupCrime Scene Cleanup is a relatively new profession and one we take very seriously at Scene Clean of Minnesota. Insurance usually covers our services and this is all we do and is not something we offer on the side like some carpet cleaning or contractors. Scene Clean provides crime scene cleaning in Minnesota otherwise known as CTS Decon. Crime Scenes, once released by the police, are often times more messy than when they started. The police will take finger prints, EMS will more than likely make a mess when working on the victim and leave some things behind

Scene Clean is available to come and take care of the messes left behind by the public safety personnel.   We will work to make the scene clear of any evidence that a crime was even committed at the location so things can return to normal as fast as possible. you trusted us when you called 911 now trust us afterwards. We are Minnesotas largest locally owned and operated crime scene cleanup company. Contact Us for help today!

Service Request

  • To have a dispatch representative contact you please fill out the form. Once you have submitted the form you will receive an email with further details. For the fastest service we always recommend you call us at 612.643.0911.
  • As of October 1st 2017 we no longer provide vermin cleanup in attic spaces or confined crawl spaces. Please call with questions and for clarification.