Cleaning Up After Vermin or Animals

Cleaning up after vermin or animals

Cleaning up after vermin or animals is a messy job and can be dangerous as well. If you have ever had problems with rodents in your house or business you know they are not tidy guests.

Hantavirus has been making some headlines in recent weeks. It is caused by human exposure to feces, urine and even the saliva of rodents. If you have had an infestation of rodents to your home or business cleaning up after the rodents is crucial to your health and well being. You must first take care of the problem with an extermination and make sure the reason they were in your home or business to begin with has been repaired. Scene Clean comes in after the extermination to help clean the affected areas and control any odor remaining.

Cleaning up after vermin or animals is a serious job for a serious professional. Be sure to contact us for help today and keep yourself protected from rodent diseases.

 Cleaning Up After Vermin or Animals

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  • As of October 1st 2017 we no longer provide vermin cleanup in attic spaces or confined crawl spaces. Please call with questions and for clarification.