Meet the Team

Scene Clean Minnesota Crime Scene Cleanup

Scene Clean® has a team of professionals that is unmatched in Minnesota. Our team members are all very well versed in the bio-hazard industry in various ways. Our commitment to provide the highest quality bio-services in the industry starts with this fine group of elite professionals.

Scene Clean; Public Safety PROS doing the work YOU should never have to do.



President and FounderNate Berg – President and Founder, Paramedic (r

et.),  Master Clean Tech & IICRC Certified Water Restoration Technician

Nate grew up in the Twin Cities and became an EMT during his senior year of high school. After high school he went on to become a Paramedic and work 911 ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulance first in rural MN and later in the metro for a large trauma center. In 2010, after 15 years of active service in EMS he retired from active duty and retired his license in 2016 after 21 years.

It was during the years of active Paramedic duty Nate began to see a need in the metro for services that go beyond the traditional scope of public safety personnel. Once the emergency needs are full-filled, family and friends of the victims are left to take care of the often times horrific scene left behind. His goal with Scene Clean is simple; take the services provided by emergency personal and extend the care and professionalism into the cleanup of the scene and mental support for the families during the cleanup.

Nate served on the board of directors for The Hoarding Project, a non-profit organization based in Tacoma, Washington. The Hoarding Project’s goal is to enhance awareness regarding the issues of hoarding and the concerns with helping those who suffer from it. As a published expert in the area of hoarding Nate and the crew at Scene Clean lead the way when it comes to hoarding clean out professionals in Minnesota.

Nate has also owned his own company since 2003, NJ Berg Companies, Inc.  NJ Berg Companies is a multifaceted company and he runs the real estate division as the managing broker of Maple Grove National Realty Guild (Minnesota-Homes).

CEO and Co-FounderRandy Carey-Burg – CEO and Co-Founder, General Contractor & IICRC Certified Water Restoration Technician

Randy’s extensive management and preservation of real estate properties required his team to clean, restore and preserve properties for large lenders and government entities. This work has given him an advantage in the management of restoring commercial and residential properties in a specialized manner, as indicated by our health and safety regulations. Scene Clean has been a natural fit for his line of service.

Randy is also the Broker/Owner of National Realty Guild.  He has spent years working with property preservation, maintenance and re-habbing in the Minnesota market.

Jenny Berg

Jenny Berg – Community Relations/Outreach, Clean Tech

Jenny has been a small business owner and has run the most profitable dept for one of the largest companies in Minnesota. She has excellent customer relationship skills and this made her the perfect fit to help Scene Clean reach out the the community we serve.

IMG_0358Leslie Ziesemer – Field Supervisor, Firefighter/EMT, Clean Tech, Water Restoration Technician

Leslie grew up on a farm in small town MN and isn’t afraid of hard work. She unconditionally cares about helping people and doing what’s right for each individual situation. Coming to us with ten plus years of Firefighting experience, Hazmat specialist and is EMT certified. She has an inner drive that propels her forward, and the heart and passion to keep giving.

Scene Clean ParamedicSarah Hollingsworth – Paramedic, Clean Tech

Sarah came from small town South Dakota with a hard-working attitude. She has worked for years as a metro Paramedic and was one of Nate’s long time partners while working 911. Don’t let her fool you she is tough as nails.


Kelli PloumenKelli Crandall – Police Officer, Clean Tech

Kelli has been a licensed police officer in the Twin Cities for years, she has also served as the president for the Minnesota Association of Women Police.  Public safety is in her blood and we are very happy to have her on the team.


 Linda CrowderLinda Allen – Clean Tech and Water Restoration Technician

Linda grew up in small town Mississippi, so you can call her a country girl. As a little girl she loved to help her mother clean so it was only natural the trend continued as an adult. She has spent the past 8 years working for various restoration and biohazard remediation companies around the state until she found her new home here at Scene Clean. She has owned her own cleaning company doing fine detailed cleaning and has led crews up to 16 members at a time. Linda is a people person in every way, she is the eye of the storm and you feel her sincerity when she is in your presence.

Michael Allen – Clean Tech and Water Restoration Technician

Michael is a Minneapolis native. By trade , he is a carpenter and has been in the business for 15 years and performing restoration work for the past 8 years. Michael enjoys the hands on approach of emergency remediation and the feeling he gets after helping people recover from tragedy. He is always ready to get the job done quick and done right.

 Rob GagnerRob Gagner – Field Supervisor, Funeral Director, Clean Tech

Rob Gagner  has been a funeral director since 2010 after completing his B.A. in Mortuary Science from the University of Minnesota. He enjoys serving families in their time of need and guiding families through the funeral process. Away from work you can find Rob on his mountain bike on the wonderful single-track off-road biking trails in the metro area, floating down the St. Croix in his boat, or hosting a beer tasting through Craft Brews Exposed.

Rob was a natural choice to add to our highly distinguished team of professionals for obvious reasons.

Scene Clean ParamedicBrian Kunkel – Firefighter/Paramedic, Clean Tech

Brian is a 20 year member of the Clearwater Fire Department most recently in the position of Fire Marshal.  He has also spent 18 years in EMS with the last 6 1/2 at Hennepin EMS as a Paramedic.


Dan StricklandDan Strickland – Police Officer, Clean Tech

Dan comes to us with a strong law enforcement background. He has worked locally for a city police dept as well as the county sheriff dept. He currently remains an active officer in a rural community and works full-time as a defensive tactics instructor for a local college. He is also an instructor for that colleges SKILLS portion of their law enforcement education program. A married father of 3 boys Dan lives in the NW Metro.